Hibernation Ulog

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G'mornin' Steem friends! I am zzzzzzz ...in hibernation mode today. It's snowing again here. Yesterday I was very productive (for me), so I'm allowing myself to be a little lazy today.

Maggie always wants to lie on the bath mat towel as soon as I step out of the shower

I cashed in some Amazon gift cards to order my whey protein that I live on. And it turns out, I really have been living on it of late. When I order through ibotta, it tells you the date you last ordered. I went through this jug in about half the time I normally do. I should be yelling, "BEEFCAKE!!" at this point.

Henlo, hoomans.

I watched some DVDs I borrowed the past few days since I went to the library. Deadpool 2, The Favourite, Jurassic World, and Good Omens. I enjoyed them all. :) I honestly had never heard of Queen Anne (the queen in The Favourite) before. I thought the only English queens who were queens in their own right were Elizabeth I, Victoria, and then the current queen. I am not into monarchy so I don't really care about such things, but I read her Wiki after watching the movie.

Warrior Protector Maggie guarding the bedroom

While I watched movies, I was either eating or knitting. I can't just sit and watch. My hands have to be occupied. It's how I get most of my needlework done. XD

So that's about it from snowy Denver. I hope y'all are doing well. I'm gonna go and yawn hibernate for a while. Zzzzz.

Be good, Steem fam!


February hibernation is a real thing! I get that way a lot in the coldest part of the winter.

We've been hibernating here in New England the last few days. First rain, then bitter cold and windy. Go time to stay inside and work on estimating for the construction...

Hibernation is often a really good thing, at this dark and miserable time of the year. And it's made all the more enjoyable when you have furry friends to hibernate with!

Oh for sure. Cats make everything better. :)

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