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cat mats 2.jpg

Hey Steem fam! It's time for a little ulog since I haven't done one in a while. For #needleworkmonday, here are the additional cat mats I've been working on (the one on the needles in the photo is about six inches now, I took this picture a few days ago, lol).

Also this week, a friend gave me four water stakes for houseplants, which are basically terra cotta stakes that are hollow and you fill with water and it seeps out into the soil as needed. I needed more aqua globe type things for my plants since I got invaded by fungus gnats again and it's pretty much impossible to get rid of them if you still have to water some plants from the top, so in addition to those four (and finding jars and things that would fit them and act as the "globe" on top and prevent the gnats from just going in there), I went poking through all my kitchen cabinets and such looking for other bottles that would also work as aqua globes for the rest of the plants that needed them. Now all the plants that needed them, have them!

new aqua globes 1.jpg
A cool jar I used to keep eucalyptus oil in (the square one) and one I picked up at an antique store a few years ago that's an old timey cough syrup bottle (I have no idea what the ingredients were, so yeah, it could have been cough syrup that is totally an illegal drug now, I don't know, lol. Yes, it was empty and clean when I bought it!) - now aqua globes!

new aqua globes 2.jpg
One of the terra cotta stakes with an old Martinelli's apple juice jar as the globe on top

Here is a painting that was on the wall in between restrooms at a restaurant when a friend took me out to lunch about a week ago:
Darth .jpg

And here is my bathroom flooding AGAIN last night. A few months ago I had plumbers in my apartment like three times and they said they fixed it but now it's happening again. An upstairs neighbor's laundry backs up and floods out from behind my washing machine. I don't hear any dripping, I smell their fabric softener (or soap, but I think it's fabric softener), which is what alerts me to the fact that my bathroom is flooding. I am allergic to that fabric softener. So yeah, this is doubly annoying for me.


The super has called a different plumber from last time who spelled out a plan that will hopefully fix it for real this time. I'm so tired of always having plumbing problems in this apartment! At least the weather was nice and it was raining last night while I had the windows open to vent out the stench. Seriously, I have to hold my breath walking down the laundry aisle in the supermarket because all of those overwhelming perfumes are like sneezy, eye itchy and watery, nose runny hell for me. I do not understand, even if they didn't make me sneeze, how anyone can tolerate how damn strong they are. It's really gross. And of course manufacturers make them stronger and stronger with time - now there are Downy Unstoppables in case your overpowering Downy wasn't strong enough for you before! Ugh. Free and clear for me, thanks! @[email protected]

And yeah - even when I was a kid and the scents weren't nearly as bad as they are now, I thought Downy (and Tide - I hate Tide) was gross. LOL. A friend of mine lived in a house where her bedroom was right off the laundry room and it was just a cloud of stench to me all the time. She didn't notice. I think it had killed her olfactory nerves.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanywho. LOL

What have y'all been up to? I hope you are well. Don't forget to enter my Show Your Steem Pride Contest just by showing me that you voted for real human witnesses before that post pays out! :) The prize is a Steem-themed button of your choice.

Have a great day, everyone! :)


I feel you!!! I get headaches/ migraines from cleaners, especially worse are things which contain alcohol like window cleaner or disinfectants. I have no idea how someone could stand shopping inside a perfumery or sitting for longer inside a washing shop.
And with the plumbing, argh, so sorry, I remember you having this problems regularly and this sucks. I hope the landlord takes heart and renovates.
Sometimes I think we secretly live in the same Appartement, as we also have problems with water, but ours drips down from a not insulated roof.
And the flying beasts... I am not sure if I googled the right name but we have an infection with sciarid mosquitoes, little flies which grow in the earth of potted flowers. And if you water them they grow even more and then one generation starts to get wings and infect the next flower 😱😱😱😱😱 I try to fight them by watering only the roots... and I use these glue traps. Not very successful.
At least: love your knitting. THe speckled/tweedy yarn is so lovely.. the one dark one with the pink dots/flecks <3

Oh no! I'm sorry you have water problems too. Once it was raining inside my apartment because a pipe burst two stories above me so I'm sure a leaky roof all the time is no fun!!

Yeah, I looked up that name and Wikipedia showed me sciarid mosquitoes, they're either the same or a very closely related one since it said there were lots of different species of them. But yeah - all over in the houseplants. And the sink drains! I got rid of them once, and then I brought new plants into the apartment and now they're back. The way I did it was a) water from below - I use aqua globes or if you have planters that let you water from the bottom - and b) flush the sink and tub drains occasionally with boiling water and/or baking soda and vinegar - and be sure to do the overflow hole in the bathroom sink. I always see them crawling into that. Hopefully now that I have enough of the watering globes I can get rid of them again. :)

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