ULOG: #2 for Week 18 - Feeling Sick - Teardrops

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Today was the burial of my nephew. I went there early to check things out. The tears that never flowed while during the vigil prayers started to flow. Teardrops because I know this will be the last time I see him physically.

When I hugged his daughter she was telling me not to cry. But when I hugged hie youngest sister she cried and so did I.

I did not attend the mass because I stayed behind to oversee everything. There was no one left so my helper and I stayed. At least we could alos watch over the house and preparation for lunch.

I stayed for a while and even when almost everyone went home, I stayed and talked for a while. It is sad but life must go on.

Now I am sick. I have been sneezing while we were cleaning the house and arranging the furniture. I have a runny nose nose and cough with an itchy throat. But at least I have 3 days to get better for the novena prayers of 10 days.

Sad whenever we lose a loved one. We just have to be strong. Thank you for all the prayers again.


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reality really sucks... we live, we feel happiness but we will always experience those pain, those sorrows... and yet, we keep on fighting for our lives, fighting for our loved ones and keep fighting for everyone.. each day we are keeping yourself stronger but at the end of the day, we feel we are not really, we needed to pretend to be the reason for others to keep on fighting. Keep praying for you and your family.

Get well soon Ms. Daisy :)

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