#ulog day 22 | Get 100 SPN in order to access the Sapien Platform - Steemit's cousin is UNDERVALUED

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Sapien is one of the first ICOs I decided to invest in. It's unfortunate what the current market has done to my investment, but I'm still very optimistic once the bull market takes off and time is given to grow the user base.

Sapien is a decentralized social platform that specializes in data privacy, rewards for content, and removing fake news.


A couple days ago, Sapien announced a new staking feature. This "Something-At-Stake" feature will lay the foundation for fighting fake news, trolls, bots, spam, and all of the other problems Steemit is currently dealing with. Anyone can create a Steemit account for free, as well as thousands of Steemit accounts to use as bots for many purposes.

The Sapien staking feature is simple. After 7 days of creating a Sapien account and using the platform for free, the user will be required to deposit 100 SPN into the account in order to continue using the platform. The SPN allows for the user to also get rewarded for content they have created on the platform. The staked SPN does not dissapear, but is redistributed back to the user over a course of a year.

The Sapien platform is similar to Steemit. I would compare Steemit to more of a blogging platform, where Sapien is more of a Twitter/Reddit Platform used to promote links and short posts. Sapien also has "branches", which anyone can create and add posts to these branches for a focused discussion.

The Sapien platform can also be used to promote your Steemit posts. In fact, it's actually encouraged by the community to share high quality Steemit content through the Sapien platform. Thus, maximizing the exposure of your content and boosting your trust/credit.

The Sapien platform is highly customizable with many unique features. The features include, a Sapien market place, a built in chat, a 3-second transition for making all of your posts private, and much more.

Sapien also announced a partnership with Civic. Civic's mission is to provide people with a secure digital identity that they can use to interact privately and securely with the world. Implementing Civic’s technology on the Sapien platform will enhance security by running critical Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) processes and checks when users join the Sapien platform.


They've also launched the Sapien Platform app on the Google Play store and the IOS App store.

You've seen the impressive results Steemit has brought investors of Steem these past years. Despite the current bear market, early investors are still in the green with profit. Sapien offers unique features and implementations that would allow for similar growth to Steemit. My advice is, do NOT miss out on Sapien while it's in the early stages. Not only will you be able to earn more SPN by staking and creating content, you'll be able to expect a steady growth in investment.

SPN is listed on IDEX

Purchase SPN on the idex exchange:

Keep in mind, SPN already distributed the bounty program's funds. Most of those bounty hunters immediately sold for their earnings and that would explain the price drop. Almost every other ICO has experienced the same price dump after being listed.
At the current price of 0.00003003 ETH, you can purchase 100 SPN for 0.003003 ETH and have access to the platform for the rest of the year. That equates to around $2.00 USD. It's a steal in my opinion and you may want to start stacking up. The price is moving.
1 ETH = 6,000 SPN during the token sale. The token sale raised over $10.5 million in funds which was exclusive to the United States. That's important to know how much is backed by this project and potential gains that can be made right now.


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