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RE: ULOG 8th Entry: Unknown Source of Sadness

in #ulog3 years ago

We all have that kind of feeling. I myself was feeling a bit low just a couple of days ago. Sometimes I find ways to divert my sadness and turn it to happiness. But sometimes I just can't help but give in and drown into the negativity pool. But it's alright. It's okay to be sad and you don't have to look for any reasons why. Just know that whatever you are going through will pass and this feeling of sadness and loneliness and negativity will soon be gone.

So smile! Pareho pala tayong October. :-) 🎂🍰🍷🍻


Happy Birthmonth to us mem @romeskie and thank you very much for your message. You are absolutely right. This sadness shall pass 😊

Ganun siguro pag madadagdagan ang edad medyo nagiging emotional 😂😂😂

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