ULOGS : Create Handcrafts out of "Quotes By @Surpassinggoogle" Quote #1

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I tried to enter a contest held by @samic about Making Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" -Note # 1. If you want to know about this contest, you can read here. I know I'm late in this contest because the second contest has already begun. But I don't want to disappoint my children who have helped me prepare the equipment and equipment I need to take part in this handicraft contest.

I use pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, colored paper (red, blue and black), scissors, rulers and paperboard. I borrow stationery from my child who has gone to kindergarten and elementary school.

These are Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" contest -Note # 1. Hopefully this can be included in the assessment by @suroassinggoogle. Thank you @ulogs. Thank you @samic and @surpassinggoogle

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Mantap kak, sekarang ada yang kedua kak. Silahkan d coba hehehe

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Iya saya telat ya, maklum ibu-ibu kurang paham ikutan kontes bahasa Inggris 😀

Terima kasih infonya @luthfinanda 🙏

Telat kali gak juga kak heheh. Mayan ni untuk partisipasi. Sip sama sama kak

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Alhamdulillah 😊

Biar telat asal selamat 😂😂

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Biar telat dikit yg penting masih di voting paus ya mbak @dwiitavita 😊

Haha bisa juga

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You have done wonderfully!
Thank you very much
With affection @samic

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