Steemit is a Gang....

in #ulog7 months ago

Yeah, you know it to be true.

Why bother elaborating on it? No one will read it. Nobody wants the truth. They want to hide from the truth like a bunch of filthy cockroaches. Why do I even need to prove it to you? The proof is all around you. Eat shit and die. Enjoy your "success". All the while, the world around you will shrink into a microscopic puddle of blood around you while you distract yourself with the concept of 'acquisition'. I guess your inanimate objects love you to death? Keep thinking that way.

Fuck your gang who only benefits blind members of the gang.

Enjoy your value that stems from literally nothing at all.

I feel bad for any newcomers to this platform. They are setting their selves up for highway robbery.

Did I mention Saturn???? You are probably too stupid to get that, aren't you?


Go out and fall into Maritime Law, Bugger. Rid us of your gross incompetence and false value.

Why is my account worth 20X it was before? Why can I NOT access those funds?

I earned every bit of it by telling you the truth.

Yet, I cannot have it. Yet, another reason to despise ALL of you. You all keep digging yourselves a grave, don't you?

I am not going to help. Nobody helped me unless it was with a lie.

Fuck you, fuck your mom, fuck your grandpa who says, "uh oh, mommy" entirely at random and fuck your gay little dog that nips at the heels of those who wish to befriend it.


Have a good day?


Go ahead, Gang Whales, downvote my shit! That just proves you are a gang, you fucking losers who contribute NOTHING to society.

Contribute something usefuls and selfless to society, huh? Support the Resource Based Economy, you fat, worthless whales who are so blind, you only value acquisition.

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