#ulog (Life @ 010):Something Great Happens Every Day!

in #ulog3 years ago

The greatest gift from Papa God is LIFE itself


I was having a very busy day when it seemed like nothings going to be good enough to call it a day. Filling up documents, going back and forth to places for signature, and not minding how hungry I am just to make everything get done on the exact time. I am having a tiring day with all the people around that are keep on making everything worst.

When I am about to finish my task, something surprised me. Something fell from above me and it got me off of my seat. I stared at it, too curious on what it was. What surprised me more is seing a how a living thing hatched. A new great gift was blessed by up above.


It barely can't crawl! But it's a great day for it, and leaving me with big smile making me say and call it a day.

this is @sissyjill at your service

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