Ulog (SportsTalk) - Some Old Basketball Actions Shots & Teardrops.

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I spent the whole of today up like i always do but with very limited productivity. I managed to do some 2 percent of all i wanted to do and i am still up now trying to force it but my body is so shattered at this point. 

Here is some of what i did the whole of today:

I am writing the colorlesspaper for the Teardrops SMT project and 'normal me', would finish the entire paper in one day. Nowadays, i stay may stay up a whole day, with only 'one hour of productivity', like was the case again today.

If you would like to read the other portions of the Teardrops SMT paper. Here is a list of what i have covered in the last 4 days: 

  1. What Is The 'Teardrops' Smart Media Tokens?
  2. Can TEARDROPS Really Reward 'Proof Of Tears'?
  3. The Teardrops SMT Ecosystem Explained.
  4. The Stories & History Behind The Teardrops SMT Project?
I am breaking it all down into small pieces to manage my energy and sustain my inspiration. 

And well, this quick sports-related post is me taking a slight break to recharge my mental energy which will likely not recharge well because it is 4.21 AM here and i really haven't slept in years. 

Well, people will say "sleep" and that is something i have been wanting to do for years now but is it about me wanting it or is it about the fact that my brain and body hasn't the ability to shutdown and sleep. 

If rehab ever comes, i will need six months away from a PC or internet.

Till then, i found some action basketball shots taken of me from the past:

 Your Boy Terry



@surpassinggoogle, Hope that these memories will become great booster for your current journey. Stay strong and stay blessed brother.

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SMT is the new thing that will transform the value of steem

Hey Terry - you are a basketball player!? Did not know that - nice one!

I hardly ever sleep too bro. Sometimes we need some rest from time to time. Our body might send us the bill later. The pics are amazing bro. Regards.

Nice pictures.
You look good playing the game.
Keep on postin

Excellent pictures brother, they look very good.

Like you, I am a lover of basketball, it is a totally beautiful sport and not only that, it gives good benefits for our health.

I also have a basketball team, but it is not such a high level or something like that, it is not so well known, but it is known by the many teams in the municipality and elsewhere.

I am currently 15 years old and I am about 1.78 meters tall and I am Centro / Pívot and I am really looking forward to the sport.

Today I have the uniform and I am the owner of this, even if it is not recognized, every team at the beginning is always remembered after having advanced.

A greeting brother, I share your joy for this sport.

You look like a pro man!

And this is blatant obstruction?!

Great photos!

Looking at your photos, you are look like flying in the air. What a wonderful game.

Whoah amazing basketball pics right there terry. Last picture tops.

I want to do this, but I can't find much time.