[SPOILER ALERT] Boku No Hero Academia Season 3's Latest Episode Was EPICLY Great!!! (Ulog Day 69)

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I was silently screaming in front of my PC as I watched the latest episode of Boku no Hero Academia Season 3. This post contains spoilers, so you'd better read at your own risk. :)

One thing that I like about a certain anime is the character development. Aside from how the story goes as well as the art style, I really love to see characters improving or changing. Well, not only the main characters but also the supporting ones.

The latest episode showed a great development in a lot of characters, but I would like to especially point out two of them.

If you're following this anime, you probably already know that various hero academies are going against each other in order to achieve their provisional licenses as heroes. And since our protagonist academy, UA, is pretty well-known, the students from other academies are targeting them.

Take for example this crazy dude named Seiji Shishikura from Shiketsu High School.


Screenshot from the anime site

His quirk is meatball... it will turn anyone into meatballs simply by massaging. lol It's actually a bit gross and it happens that our dear Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari were fighting against him.

In the episode last week, Kirishima became a meatball while Bakugo was trying to fight against Shishikura. I thought it would be an easy win for Bakugou knowing how powerful he is, but who would have thought that the crazy Kaminari would be today's hero?!

Screenshot from the anime site

OMG! That "raygun" pose, though. His newly upgraded quirk was like a combination of Yusuke and Kuwabara of Yu Yu Hakusho! Dude~!!! For the first time, Kaminari was able to think fast and with utmost detail. Of course, he was aided by Bakugou but... huhuhu~ I'm so proud of you Kaminari!!!

Screenshot from the anime site

Just look at that damage?! Because of that, Bakugo and Kirishima were again transformed to their human forms... and here's a screenshot of another favorite scene from this episode below.

Screenshot from the anime site

Woooo~! Kirishima and Bakugo's double payback time! Kudos to this trio!!! <3 Of course, aside from Kaminari, there's another character who exhibited a really nice development. He's Aoyama, the navel laser guy. He's actually known as flashy but not that strong of a character. However, in this episode, his flashiness saved the day. Because of his "sacrifice", all UA students passed the first round of the provisional exam.

Screenshot from the anime site

On the screenshot above, he was trying to attract attention to save and let Iida pass. He wanted Iida to hide and when enemies come to target him, Iida will take the opportunity. However, because of this bravery, their remaining classmates saw the navel laser and hurried up to them. And voila~!!!! They all passed! huhuhuhu~ It's so unlikely for Aoyama to sacrifice himself, though. He used to be so selfish. TT Even my Japanese friend thought so. Look at our LINE conversation earlier.


And of course... there's another scene which really got me. Bakugo acknowledged Deku. OMG! I'm crying... T_T

Screenshot from the anime site

huhuhuhu~ I'm so happy. Well, Deku is probably happier, but it's so nice to see Bakugo acknowledging a then-quirkless Deku as someone who's powerful now. It's like, Deku finally made the quirk he received from All Might into his own and Bakugo praised him for it.

I can't wait for the next episode indeed. I was supposed to write my weekly anime review also for Major 2nd and Hataraku Saibou, but this week's BnHA was EPIC... so yeah, maybe next update? hihihi~

Until here... Thank you so much for reading!

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Navel laser finally got featured, he was always treated as a gag character.

I know right? I was shocked in a good way.. hihihi ^^

Navel, kirishima and bakugo? meh, the best characters still didn't show up in the anime, read the manga and check for Mirio and Hawk, they are the most epic if we don't count allmight XD


I'm looking forward to seeing them in the anime, then... :) I usually try to stop myself from reading the manga because I started with the anime... but when I can't help it anymore, I'll read the manga.. thanks for the heads up! ;)

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Go sis!!! <3 <3 <3

I reaaaally loved how this episode went through!

As you said, Bakugo, when we all thought he would become a villain after Shigaraki attempt to kidnap him, has gain a lot of charisma. Although he is rude and always angry, his sense of beong a hero is supreme and he is surprisingly helpful with other UA members.

In resume, I think character evolution in Boku no Hero is very well created and I think that they can even got us more hyped if we think about previous episodes (think of All For One, who has been caputred but we have not known anything more about him).

I have not read the manga, and I am trying to get rid of every comment about it because it can lead to spoilers, but I really expect the anime to become oone of those that can surpass the original manga.

Fingers crossed!


OMG~!!!! My thoughts exactly.. Yaaay~!! I'm so happy to receive this comment from you. I'm having high expectations of the anime now more than anything... but we'll see. <3 Thanks for dropping by! :D

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