Radical Honesty

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Hello fellow Steemians this is Themat-OOG,

Today since I have no work, I can be slightly more active, and see what the day brings. I have even made some art already, which is awesome for me. Drinking a lovely glass of vino, even more awesome. Feeling quite healthy, besides a slightly sore throat, badass.

So what I want to write about is, radical honesty, especially with seemingly small things.
I'll get into the example I want to write about right away, as the drink slowly gets into my head, for me to be able to write more coherently. So I am a dogsitter right now these past months, sometimes more and sometimes less frequently [at a time these walks permitted me to buy my food which I couldn't finance in other ways at that time, as I was already quite a bit into debt to my parents], which means I get to sit with two dogs that are separated too long from their owner each day, so a 'stranger' comes in to tend them at an for each opportune moment. For me that is 10.30 h in the morning, just some hours before I head to work. After work, my day generally is over already, I don't do much productive (at the moment, so here is too the future). The real free time where I could do something productive then is in the morning, which then gets cut abruptly in half by these dogs, for which a small donation of money comes my way. All in all I tend to dislike this situation more and more as each day passes, since I am quite unproductive also in the morning. I do spend quite some time with my family, which is invaluable.

One of the dogs has fluid poo coming out of him, for which neither the veterinarian nor me, nor the owner has much of a solution at the moment. So from time to time when I arrive some fluid mess lies there somewhere in their house. I have to say I consider myself blessed that they trust me enough to let me in their house, with various 'expensive' things lying around. I won't take em, but still, this level of trust is something I value a lot.
The time with the dogs has also already proven invaluable, as some experiences could only happen because I went to tend the dogs. The one is a huge female gentle, mostly too quiet Dogge and the other a male Labrador, which wants only to fetch balls the whole time. Quite a strange combination of dogs.

I won't always clean the dogs 'fluids', but sometimes when it ain't too much, I'll do it, first for the nice owners but also for me so I don't have to smell it whilst I am there and I somehow feel ''forced to do it, as otherwise I wouldn't be a good human'', which is complete nonsense, as the owner also says, leave it, you don't have to clean that mess.
As a response to me having cleaned a bit of the mess one day, she wrote, in the journal we keep to stay in touch with the daily happenings surrounding those dogs: Sorry, that you MUST clean that mess, I know it ain't pleasant.
She is a very nice woman, and I did understand that she didn't mean it in a way in which she says that I must do her cleaning, it was meant nicely, yet that word did get me, and I would have mucked through the day with that wording. it just felt disrespectful to me, so I wrote this in my reaction, that my cleaning the mess was more of a gift to them as to the dogs, as I would spend less time with the dogs, for which I am actually payed.

Today then came her response claiming that I misunderstood her wording, which I already knew before I wrote those words, but I still felt, something must be done, and answering her today that I do this strictly for the sake of honesty, so that our relation together may endure and I keep on having 'fun' at tending these dogs somehow made me come home again with for once (compared to the last few days) a very good feeling of wanting to do this for some more weeks or years, for as long as this situation I am at, lasts.

If you did not get confused with my erratic style of writing, this is actually how I more or less think from day to day, switching from topic to topic, kudos too you.

If you have a similar story, feel free to share.

Have a go and get crazy on the white of paper.

I can't wait to meet YOU and get together with all of you beautiful humans on here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, remarks about my art or just want to have a small discussion. I'll try to help at the best of my ability.

Your's Truly:

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