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Hello BeautyFull SteemHearts <333

I don't know about you but I have had the kind of day that makes me take a moment to reflect and respect just how important personal space is for me.

Let's just say that tonight is a great night for some Reiki (every night is really...) Especially with the heavy rain starting to come down once again....which is perfectly appriopriate for an Energy Cleanse Sesh & Offering ;)

End of Day Energy Cleanse

For myself and anyone else that may have had a stressful day, I am taking some time this evening before bed to do an energy cleanse. If you are interested in tuning into the healing vibes, all that you need to do is open your heart to the incoming flow, then simply Relax, Breathe & Receive the Divine Current of Universal Life Force Energy for as little as long as you like.

Much Love & Goodnight!

Thank you for visiting.. & As Always..

Thank You for BEING YOU!

Remember to InJoy the Journey ~ See you again soon

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❤ My Pleasure @thereikiforest


the luv bug. give me a freakin break. don't you just want to squash that thing sometimes? this post is hilarious. it's supposed to be a comedy routine right? and what in tarnation is a sesh energy cleanse? hahaha! give me another break.

what I am hearing is that you need another sesh Cowboy LMAO

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ahaha! I probably do. where do i get one of those things anyway and is this something that guy who wears tree bark clothes came up with?

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