We Have Started UloggersTV As An Additional Outlet Spreading Forth #ulogacies & Carrying The #ulog Global Movement Into Mainstreamity.

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To promote steem and the entire ecosystem of beautiful Uloggers, taking light into the world by virtue of our shine, we have started @UloggersTV as an additional outlet spreading forth #ulogacies and thus, carrying the #ulog movement into the world of mainstreamity.

We will lad this TV with the art of #ulogging (courtesy of Uloggers globally) constantly, using it to stir and appeal to the soft-spot of "humans" globally. 

This will underlying shine steem forth (in fresh light) as well and lay it bare within the mind's eyes of many. Thus, we will have our TV on as many fronts i.e Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc displaying the steem community in a way that's unshakeable and in-dispensible; "an entire #ulog movement".

People should hear of steem and form a long to join because of the light it bears forth; "humans", not for bulls-or-bears' sake.

We want to create a trend for #ulog on the entire internet, reshaping it with fresh pieces of "YOU" and videos play a great role not only as shareable media but also as fun media. Yes, UloggersTV will look to stir fun and innovative, fresh #ulogging activities to initiate, up-build and sustain community and create a buzz inside-out drawing the masses in.

Kids, the elderly etc can engage in art of #ulogging. "Everyone can #ulog".

We will use a curriculum of videos that hosts @uloggers globally to instill this; thus, @uloggerstv will contain media from @uloggers globally, constituting a solid movement. Each Ulogger who wants to appear on @uloggerstv will have had to do so voluntarily submitting borne of the #ulog model. Both private and public figures are allowed to join in.

In due time, we will look for ways to spread @uloggerstv as far-reachingly as possible, thus, there is a virality factor etc and is reason for us to keep contribution optional. We will create theme revolving around #ulogging activities to which @uloggers can participate it like normal. However, you can also decide to contribute media to our TV.

We will also use @uloggertv to host a #ulogacy post for @uloggers who desire to become certified and verified @uloggers. You will identify this recent development here.

For now, we have created a Youtube Channel for UloggersTV as well as a Facebook page and we implore you to spark this movement by subscribing and liking respectively.

On Facebook, we will like to upload videos in raw format, instead of Youtube links, opening up the potential for shares and virality and the possibility of using convectional ADs. To promote steem, we will look to have an advertising budgets on these external social spaces. For the most parts, these conventional ADs will turn out very organic as @uloggerstv will display humans in the social, fun art of #ulogging 

Since it is possible to add #ulog to any existing concept, we will look to shape activities that will form our videos around events or trends already in existing, so that when we decide to apply an AD budget, ADs can turn out very-targeted.

We want to grow steem and promote its token as a loveable digital currency; one that "everyone" desires, for the shine it carries and this is very possible. One such way is to have #ulog and #ulog-based or #ulog-generated hashtags in the undertone of "everyone's" daily activities.

In the ultimate scheme of things, we want to use @uloggerstv to create a fresh glow in the world. We want to constitute light and cover the spaces. We want to take this light into every tunnel. Yes, "light inside the tunnel", no longer at the end.

With @uloggerstv we have an additional avenue to spread fast and we so can.

See this video closely and hear the word "Ulog" filling the spaces and the echoes in the spaces:

KickStart UloggersTV

Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzI3Rjamg7zSe_o0BwSeIQQ

Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Uloggerstv-2149360915279701

Note: more social fronts will emanate over the course of time. We will make sure to dent these videos permanently as well on DLIVE etc. The aim of having these TVs on Facebook, Youtube etc is to be able to serve the search engines and expand us to more possibilities in terms of promoting the steem blockchain to "everyone".

Special Note

We have already crafted out a questionnaire that will form part of the curriculum for joining in as verified and certified @uloggers and we will publish this questionnaire soon, allow each Ulogger who is interested to submit a video entry, which will be featured on the @uloggers account adding to our list of #ulogacies.

We will now be using these videos as part of our medium for verifying and certifying @uloggers.

See much of the roles of verified and certified @uloggers in the #ulog ecosystem by reading these posts:

If you want to show advance interest in submitting your #ulogacy video to be added to @uloggerstv and featured on the @uloggers Ulog, kindly indicate in a comment or reach out in our community: https://discord.gg/jdaFHsy

Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzI3Rjamg7zSe_o0BwSeIQQ

Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Uloggerstv-2149360915279701


This is exciting! Sunnylife’s videos are fun to watch

thanks so much sis:):)

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Done subscribing, liking, and joining 🙂

Another great idea you have there brother Terry:-)

I'm glad there's a uloggerstv now....

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wow! ate sunny. you're stunning! :)

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salamat kapatid:)
ikaw den gawa ka ng video:)

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This is nice. I hope that uloggerstv will do well in promoting Steem. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for this brilliant idea.

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Wow .. Youtube channel for Uloggerstv..
thank you #ulog #ulogs and @surpassinggoogle ..

Sigo pensando que #ulog es un tendencia irreversible, me gusta su concepto y la cantidad de opciones que está generando la convierten en una franquicia más que interesante.

Great dancer! Haha! Great video! And great info. I like shot with my gimbal :-) and I too use kinemaster :-) Regards!

Oh my G, did I overslept? Now there is Uloggers TV! This is exciting! Definitely will subscribe to it.

Let's go #uloggers!
It's gonna be fun.
Goodluck Terry and more power.

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I will surely enjoy this @uloggerstv @ulogs. This is exciting. Thanks to the genius sir terry @surpassinggoogle! 😁

very nice video and this is natural wonder

aqui mi visita para saludarle desde venezuela y esperar contar con su visita y voto que necesito de ayuda,gracias y espero por su visita

cool can upvote to 97% of @surpassinggoogle

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