{ULog #17} Where have I been?

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Well the short answer a little bit of everywhere. It has been a busy start to the summer, have been doing some work on my new hunting lease with my buddy’s. Been checking trail cams, video of the bucks so far on new property soon! Photo above is myself and @redheaddemon on my uncles wheeler changing out the SD cards in the trail cams. Eldest is out of school for the summer, and went straight to summer camp specially for children of Veterans with ptsd. So we did that and well those are the good times but theres also weight on my shoulders a great deal.

Ive had alot of downs while tweaking these latest rounds of medications which I man cave bound for all hours of the day not eating showering all around not caring, I was depressed to say the least I cant really say Im still not but with a little help from Mary Jane it puts me back to normal, eases my mind of the demons haunting it. But as you can see Im out about passionate about things again and making my return to steemit! I need to get my thoughts out and brain emptied when I have a post vision. I look forward to many more!

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It's tough having PTSD with kids man. I feel like they see this demon in me and it's not really me. So much guilt, but it's so hard to control. I wish you good health man

It is an I feel the same way man its hard to hide it most of the time so I isolate myself in my man cave. Trying to break the cycle though.

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