#ULOG Episode 1 - Campaign Day

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My first #ulog by @surpassinggoogle

Ulog is celebrating you and life itself. My passion in capturing life thru the lens as it happens around me. May is election month and today is the first day of campaign for the running officials. My uncle happens to be running for a position and I joined in the campaign to give my support. Let me share with you today the events this afternoon.

Campaign Day



Our city is composed of Barangays which are like districts or a village. It is the smallest section of administration in the country. Each Barangay is headed by a barangay Captain and 8 konsehals which are counselors in the village. The election is conducted every 3 years and you can register to vote if you are 18 years old.

We waited for the other groups to arrive before the campaign begins. We have the guy in the motorcycle as our escort around the area. The point man which street we would go to.


Everyone arrived just in time and we were ready to start the campaign.


First stop was the market area and we advanced to get the votes of the store owners and it's employees.


It was a bit hard who to ask to vote for our candidates as in the market place a lot of people are not from our barangay. We often ask if they are from our barangay before asking to vote for our list.


Small leaflets with photos are given to people for them to easily remember our candidates.


It was lively as there were a lot of us in the group. Families and friends supporting each candidate in this crusade. There were also bottled water and snacks given away to the supporters.


Here is a fun sight those two little kids were trying to get my attention to have their picture taken. I was so busy covering the happenings around and I failed to see that the cutest subjects are just in front of me.


Here you go our little supporters.


I was amazed as those two kids were so aggressive in giving away the leaflets. Every passerby and every driver does not escape their sight.


We continued along going door to door. Requesting for their support for our candidates to be given a chance to serve our barangay.


No house is left unturned for a chance to win over the voters.


My little @bearkid did her share as she made some of the leaflets for my uncle. Everyone in the family did their share to support my uncle.


Sari Sari stores is a great opportunity to get more votes. If the owner allows we could put up a small poster to win over the people who buys from the store.


A small leaflet goes a long way and I hope we have a fair and peaceful election. It is known that in some isolated regions cheating is rampant, vote buying and sometime goes violent. But in our city there are no history of major issues.


Since each district is small most of our candidates knows everyone. Greeted with friendly smiles and assurance of a sure vote makes our day.



It was a long enjoyable afternoon. It was my first time to join a campaign and it was pretty fun. Still we had a couple more streets to go to and the weather was hot. Good thing we had someone giving out water to keep us going. Other had their motorbikes to cover more area quicker.


Here I am doing my share so please vote for my uncle lol. Hope you enjoyed this afternoon today seeing what I have been up to on our little crusade. My little share about the smallest delegated government administration which is the Barangay.

Thank you and have a good evening Steemians.



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All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 Sigma 50mm 1.4 and 12-32 mm

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This is an amazing content, your ulog day is beautiful, what can I say, your campaign was filled with amazing pictures, I guess your ulog day was too splendid, I hope for more beautiful memories in your coming ulog posts

Thank you very much. The day was a bit tiring but as you said was splendid. I love photography and I often share about real life and culture. Thank you for checking my ulog.

May the elections be peaceful too.
Lovely pictures by the way, are you a professional photographer?

Next Monday would be election day looks like it would be peaceful. Thanks for the compliment but I am merely just an amateur hobbyist who is so in love with photography.

Nice piece about Campaign Day. Is this the first time your Uncle is running? Best of Luck to him.

It is his first time and election day is on Monday. He is getting nervous lol. Thanks for the well wishes.