ULOG #22 - Your Weekly Zekely!

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zekely review.jpg

It is time to delve into the mysteries held within the images of my phone which were taken in a pretty busy week. Past time actually but I had my hands full yesterday with family and friends......so the Monday sailing post will have to get bumped!

Strap in, hit play on this baby, and lets see what I got up to....


I stopped to smell the.....um.....enjoy the scenery. https://steemit.com/life/@zekepickleman/the-beauty-we-miss-2018-09-04-22-32-35


Returned to regular BJJ training and took a few rides. So awesome to be back at it.


Another chance to get back out on the lake with friends and beer. The sailing season is winding down so I am going to get the last few rides in and hopefully not miss it too much in the winter.


Collected a few more bucks walking on roofs and installing internet. I should throw together another ladders post to share the stories and perspective.


Of course a little beer along the way. This little number is extremely tasty and not too peachy so I really enjoyed it. I have another Zeke's Sweet Hops post chambered up as well.


Visited my regular car guy and I think I found my ride when this crypto thing moons!


A little visit to one of my favourite breweries and even wrote up a little review on Tasteem. Give it a vote for the contest if you like it. https://steemit.com/tasteem/@zekepickleman/tasteem-d2a830


We took some time to soupenate some of the garden vegetables. Seems a little orange but it was nice and healthy and tasty!


A little bikeride to a BBQ held by and for some of the people who train BJJ with me. So nice to see everyone in a different context, share food and fun and enjoy the outdoors.


I even managed to get some down time with my book which is almost done.....as is the summer and these skies. Any suggestions on what to read next?


As you can tell it was a fun and busy week as usual. So much so that I am behind a couple posts and will have to get busy to get them posted here. More sailing, BJJ, beer, music and maybe a little date night this week.

What was the high point of your week?


The busy-ness of your week tired me out, I need a nap...

I usually don't mention this but I nap daily for 45 mins in the mid afternoon. Feels so damn good and gives you the fuel to do lots of fun things and stay up later!

I've heard that is a great way to keep youthful energy,
looking at your example, it must be true!

seems like a fun week you had =) Nice to see a glimpse of your daily routines =).


I am not much of a vlogger as you are but like to share for the entertainment of others here. One of the points to this post is to snap me out of the routine, experience new things, and reflect upon the fun little things that may get lost in a week of routine running a business and a family.

Never stop having fun. Also, if I haven't grown up at my age, I am told I don't have to at all! WOOHOO!

ahahah totally!!! I swore to myself that I would never grow up=) I like that, I'm trying to snap out of my own routine too and get out more...I can be a total hermit and I need to force myself to do more...

Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties

One of the best non-fiction books in decades.

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