I love it! You have got a nice pattern going on there. Is that a shell stitch pattern? I think I am doing one similar at the moment. It works up nicely with that pattern. And girl you are brave going white! :P

Always good to pick up the hook when the time is given, in this case, no power giving you time. And more wine! ;)

Hahaha! Actually, it's cream and granny squares. The other colours are beige, bottle green and a sort-of denim blue. I should have taken some photos of the rest of the work-in-progress. It also helps that the evenings are cooler. BUT I need more wool and must go into town for that. I'm not too good at getting out of the office/house/village. Perhaps I should detail The Husband when he goes to do the shopping on Wednesday...otherwise it'll be another year before I pick it up, let alone finish it! LOL

Oh, the close up hides the square thats happening. Those colors sound nice together actually.
Would love to see the end products, so I definitely encourage you to tell the hubby! :P