Ultimate Crochet Contest Winners and New Round!

As most of you already know, I have been having problems with my wrists. Tonight, I they are flaring up more and because of I am making this post shorter than I usually do.
Know that all of your work has not gone unnoticed and they are all wonderful creations. I just love seeing what you all come up with!
So for this time I will only announced the winners in order to keep it small for now.

1rst place is @carolinacardoza with her really fun scarf! It's got style :D To see her post click on the image.

2nd place is @fabianaporteles with a Hello Kitty dress. Showing nice detailing work on the dress, perfect for a toddlers cute personality. Click on image to see post.

3rd place is @jurich60. Showing us one of the million ways we can put a granny square to good use. With the colors popping and a nice design, this hand bag can be a favorite amongst many. Click on image to see post.

I've enjoyed seeing all of the entries and I think it would be honorable to treat everyone for their hard work.
Check your wallets! :D xxx

Because we are still quite a ways from Easter, I thought making this round being the general contest round without a theme. If I were to create a theme right now, the next one would be the normal ones which would make us skip the Easter event. So let's keep this one as a normal round.
I would like to add that this round ends exactly on April 1rst. For those of you that may not know, April 1rst is April Fools Day. A day where we get to prank people and make a lot of laughs. So if you make something for April fools, you will get an added bonus! But it's a secret. You will only get to know what that bonus is at the end of the 2 week mark.
This is not a mandatory theme for the contest. It is to help you get your creative juices flowing and adding some fun in the mix :)


  • Write a post about what you created, including one or more pictures. I want to be able to give extra support to my fellow Steemians. A crocheted piece is something to take to heart.

  • You have 2 weeks to send in your piece of art.

  • Share your post with me by putting up your link in the comments section.

  • I do ask for you to please share this contest. I understand some people have their standards and would rather not, so it is not mandatory. But please know that the more eyes we have on this post the more people will join the contest, take part, build a bigger crochet community and the more chances people will upvote to support, which means you get a bigger prize in the end.

  • An upvote is much appreciated but also not mandatory. The payout of this post is what I can give out for prizes at this moment. The more this post makes, the more you win.

  • I will split the amount between the 3 contest winners. As the contest grows, the more I can give out more rewards.
    For everyone that participates I will be resteeming your post and upvoting. My upvote isn't worth much but I am working on that.

Ready? Set. GO!


Congratulations to all the Winners! We’re hoping your wrist starts feeling better soon!

Written by @crosheille for the @needleworkmonday community.

Things will get better for sure, thank you. And thank you for your support and also the community's! <3

I love seeing these crocheted things. It shows that you can make things that are both useful and smart - needlework is the way to win!

Right with you on that! ^_^

Here's a sneaky entry - the blanket that's underway - and now that I've picked it up since we have had power outages - I wrote about it here

I love it! You have got a nice pattern going on there. Is that a shell stitch pattern? I think I am doing one similar at the moment. It works up nicely with that pattern. And girl you are brave going white! :P

Always good to pick up the hook when the time is given, in this case, no power giving you time. And more wine! ;)

Hahaha! Actually, it's cream and granny squares. The other colours are beige, bottle green and a sort-of denim blue. I should have taken some photos of the rest of the work-in-progress. It also helps that the evenings are cooler. BUT I need more wool and must go into town for that. I'm not too good at getting out of the office/house/village. Perhaps I should detail The Husband when he goes to do the shopping on Wednesday...otherwise it'll be another year before I pick it up, let alone finish it! LOL

Oh, the close up hides the square thats happening. Those colors sound nice together actually.
Would love to see the end products, so I definitely encourage you to tell the hubby! :P

thank you very much for everything, your help is important to me, congratulations to all the crocheters, thank you foxy for holding the contest, God bless you.

gracias de verdad por todo, su ayuda es importante para mi, felicidades a todas las crocheteras, gracias a foxy por realizar el concurso, Dios las bendiga.

You are welcome! And I am happy to know that this little contest gives you a boost that you need!

I don't crochet, but this is an awesome contest. I like seeing what people can make. There are some real pretties.

I agree. I enjoy it much the same. Many times people come up with things that I would never think about making with yarn. It opens a new world and definitely comes in handy when needed.

Congrats to all the winners!
Love to see granny squares on something different than a blanket :))))

My friend made a shawl using granny squares. She thought it was easier doing it that way too. Turned out to be a beautiful piece.

Upvoted and resteemed, @foxyspirit.

Thank you for organising this activity ! Hope you feel better soon X

Thank you for your support! Much appreciated ^_^

Oh noooo I did not know that you have problems with your wrists. I cross my fingers that the pain subsides very fast. THis is sooooooo annoying. I have a cyst on a finger joint and my fingers generally hurt very fast if I overdo crochet or knitting (crochet is actually tougher for my fingers), so I so feel you. Nevertheless, thank you for initiating this contest and bringing such cute projects to awareness 🌈🌈😍

Oh thats gotta be bad!

Ya I just mentioned it because I usually make a nice post and mention all the entries with a description about what they made. I didnt want to short change anyone with their hard work, so I thought an explanation was due. I hope things get better for you <3

Thank you and healing wishes back 💕🌈

Congrats to the winners and I hope that your wrists will show some improvement soon. Of course I have no idea what crocheting is, but I used to nick some of my mom's rolls of wool to fly my home made kites.

Crocheting is like knitting, just not as long to make things and perhaps less complicated as well. Yarn is a lovely item that can be used for many things, glad you got some use out of it :p

Thank you for your support ^_^ Very much appreciated :)

Congrats to the winner! You deserved it! It feels so good to see all these wonderful arts after being away for nearly a week!

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They definitely bring some competition to the table :P

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Hola @foxyspirit esta es mi entrada:


llegue en la rayita, como estas, me gusto tu trabajo, adoro a frida

Gracias, que bueno pudiste participar. Con lo de la luz no he podido revisar.

I hope your wrists feel better soon! I have tried to get my sister on here a few times because she knits and crochets, but she hasn't taken the bait yet. Maybe one day she will because I think she would enjoy the community on here!

Thank you ^_^

What if you were to post about her and what she makes? Show off her crafts and then when you get a post payout, show her. Perhaps that may be the proper lure :P

I'll try again soon. I think for her the community would be even more beneficial than the post rewards!

Hey @foxyspirit, hope your wrist is all well now..

Here is my entry:

Take care and be well my friend.

Woohoo! Glad you entered!

Woohoo! Glad you entered!

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