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RE: Ultimate Crochet Contest Winners and New Round!

Oh noooo I did not know that you have problems with your wrists. I cross my fingers that the pain subsides very fast. THis is sooooooo annoying. I have a cyst on a finger joint and my fingers generally hurt very fast if I overdo crochet or knitting (crochet is actually tougher for my fingers), so I so feel you. Nevertheless, thank you for initiating this contest and bringing such cute projects to awareness 🌈🌈😍


Oh thats gotta be bad!

Ya I just mentioned it because I usually make a nice post and mention all the entries with a description about what they made. I didnt want to short change anyone with their hard work, so I thought an explanation was due. I hope things get better for you <3

Thank you and healing wishes back 💕🌈