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Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the recent issues

Due to the facts like the inconvenience of the usage will keep the cryptocurrencies a little bit away from the majority of the people. The people will embrace it when it is much more easy to use and easily accessible. With the development of the Blockchain technology, we are able to see the cryptocurrencies. The majority of the people all around the world will accept crypto and they will adapt to this new technology if they can use these cryptocurrencies for their day to day life needs and after creating a link between the digital currency market and the traditional banking world. With the traditional banking services, there are not much service providers that provide services for the crypto users.

Solutions with Platio

Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem comes with the solutions to overcome these issues that we can see in the traditional banking systems. It will provide banking solutions for the businesses and individuals who need secure transaction methods between the digital currency market and the traditional currencies. Being a company based in London and authorized over 30 countries, the Platio fintech project will give innovative solutions for the challenges in the crypto world with the help of a smart banking ecosystem. As a project based on EOS distributed ledger technology, the project Platio will give all-in-one banking solutions for the crypto users. Natively the Platio banking ecosystem is set to establish a secure banking solution between the digital currency market and the traditional fiat market and this will help to make the crypto a trusted and widely spread payment method. The technology of the Platio allows users to switch between the crypto and fiat very easily. The European licenses for crypto operations, build-in safeguards like Escrow feature and asset guard may increase the trust about the company among the people and it will allow the people to involve in crypto related activities with Platio more confidently.

The goal of Platio

With the help of smart banking ecosystem, the goal of the Platio is to make the cryptocurrencies a widespread means of payment by creating a link between the digital currency market and the traditional fiat currency market and providing traditional financial services to the cryptocurrency community in a secure way.

The people can’t completely ignore the traditional financial services and in the meantime, they have to be ready to accept the new digital era in the financial system. So the people need a system to work with both traditional and digital systems and to extract the best features from both. This is the situation where Platio comes with lots of new and innovative solutions.

Web interface and mobile app

To make the things much easier the Platio offers a web interface and a mobile application to its users. The users will have the access to all the necessary tools and data to interact with crypto, fiat, and stock via the web interface or mobile app. The EOS Blockchain technology helps to offer a smooth service to the users and to run the multilayered Platio ecosystem.

With the help of Platio now you can;

  • Make deals in crypto and fiat currencies and the escrow feature will increase the trust between parties and it will eliminate the conflicts.

  • Protect your crypto and fiat from sudden volatility.

  • Trade and exchange your crypto and fiat using a single platform.

  • Receive crypto and fiat for the businesses and individuals.

  • Store both fiat and crypto in one place.

  • Spend both fiat and crypto using plastic or virtual card offered by Platio as you wish.

  • Make payments in crypto and fiat using SWIFT/ SEPA/ OCT

  • Transfer your crypto or fiat within Platio ecosystem for free

Now let’s take a look at what kind of problems currently we are having and how does the Platio solve these issues with its innovative solutions.

  • Multiple logins – With the conventional systems you may have to log in to your accounts like your wallet, fiat banking app and stockbroker several times.

But with Platio you can access all these services in one place. Which means just one login is enough.

  • Sudden Crypto volatility risk – You know that the crypto is a highly volatile market. As a crypto user, you are exposed to those sudden volatilities.

But with Platio now you can set predefined conditions to exchange your crypto to fiat and vice versa.

  • Lose your credentials – This will be a nightmare to the crypto users. If you lose your private key, you will not able to access your assets. Platio has a solution to this.

Actually, this is the first time I see this kind of a solution. You can set a length of inactivity period and after that period the Platio will transfer your balance to another crypto or fiat account.

  • Less trust between parties – With the conventional systems, the transactions are irreversible. Which means once a payment has been made you can’t cancel or reverse it even you feel that the other party is not trustable.

But with the smart escrow feature of the Platio now you can make deals without any hesitations. Once you satisfied with the deal and you received what you are paying for you can release your payment. By this way, both parties are secured about the deal.

  • Inconvenient banking services – Recently not all the banks are accepting cryptocurrencies and some banks and even tend to deny accounts for crypto users.

No more denies to the crypto users with the Platio ecosystem. The Platio provides a crypto friendly banking service to the crypto users.

  • Still, the crypto adoption among the businesses is not strong – Due to the complexity of handling crypto assets the popularity of the crypto among the businesses is not strong yet.

Platio gives solutions to the business owners to accept the crypto assets for their businesses as a payment method by offering special features.

Token details, ICO and the financial details

The symbol of the token that is going to be used inside the Platio is PGAS. It is an ERC20 type token based on EOS Blockchain. The Platio platform users can use PGAS token to pay the commissions and the fees on the platform and as a payment method for subscriptions. The team is expecting that the demand and the value to the token will grow due to two main reasons.

  1. When the number of users in Platio ecosystem grows the demand for the token will increase automatically. More users mean more transactions and more subscriptions

  2. They have planned to burn 50% of internal commission of Platio until it reaches approximately 10% of PGAS tokens circulation in the Platio ecosystem. For these two reasons the developers are expecting that the demand and the token value will increase in the future.

The initial token value is 0.20 EUR. As the demand grows, the value of the token may increase in the future. The team has set a value of 5,000,000 EUR as the soft cap and a value of 34,500,000 EUR as the hard cap. The max token supply is 397,500,000 PGAS and no more tokens will be created. All the unsold tokens during the pre-sale and public sale will be burned. The pre-sale starts with 10-15% bonuses on 2018.11.12 and it will end on 2018.11.25. The bonus for public sale is 0-8% and the public sale will be held during 2018.11.26 – 2018.12.09. Below you can find a summary of these details.

Token: PGAS
Type: ERC20
Platform: EOS
Token Value: 0.20 EUR
Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 34,500,000 EUR
Accepting payment methods: BTC, BCH, ETH


An experienced and a professional team is a key to the success of any project. When you read the details about the team members in the whitepaper you can see that all these team members are having vast experiences about the Blockchain technology and crypto industry as well as the financial industry. All the members have LinkedIn links and any person can see more details about the team members by visiting their LinkedIn profiles.

Community and the media

The official telegram group of Platio consists of over 8K members and recently more than 3K members are following the official Twitter page. Before I publish this article I visited their Twitter page and the team keeps the Twitter page up to date by publishing their progress.


The team at Platio believes that in order to see a mass adoption to the crypto world a system that provides both traditional banking services and digital assets services is needed. The Platio ecosystem provides you services with lots of innovative solutions. Web interface and the mobile application of the Platio will provide a seamless operation to the crypto users. The two unique features of the Platio system, Assets Guard and Escrow will enhance the utility of crypto.

Project related details

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