The 3 levels of understanding part 2

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Level 3 - transformation of Conditioning

We believe that we are one solid "I", but in reality there are many different, sometimes contradictory "I" that work for us or, more precisely, we have no "I", just a set of conditions. responding to situations almost in a mechanical manner, in accordance with past experience in this life and in previous lives. Our unconscious behavior, which makes up the majority of our daily lives, is dictated by these conditions. Therefore, transformation is primarily a transformation of our conditioning programs.

So, while our "I" has understood intellectually and understood the spiritual truth, our air conditioning machine is still operating unconsciously because it worked in accordance with our old beliefs. It remains intact, even though we have consciously understood the truth.

It is the deepest and highest level in which we have to give our energy to fully understand to promote transformation. The job here is to get the work of improving the state from unconscious to deliberate to the mind of the new truth. This does not mean that we are trying to resist the past with the new truth, but only to observe it. Consciously aware that our state of affairs all day, with the new truth, will diminish old ignorant states and create new ones that correspond to the new understanding.

When you begin to think about your state of mind in a new sense, you will be surprised to learn that your conditioning machine has completely ignored this new understanding that it remained indifferent to the belief of the past as if it had never been understood recently.

For the body, this level of awareness is usually associated with our whole body, with our organs and tissues. At this level, the truth has penetrated into all our body cells, flooding all our ignorant conditions of the past, encoded throughout our physical body, leaving no trace of our previous reaction patterns.

If we return to not being a body, we meet during the day, and he tells us comments that we seem to have recently gained weight. Our condition, based on the belief that we are the body, responds immediately to feel offended and depressed. But if we are vigilant and careful, we immediately refer to our testimony by observing our ignorant reaction to our new understanding that we are not the body and then our reaction disappears. Try this and you will see it yourself.

Following the step of observing our unconscious behavior based on conditioning on a day-to-day basis with a new understanding, the unknown conditional model will disappear against the new understanding and thus contribute to a new behavior that is true to this understanding.


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