Not my problem mentality

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Unity is something that works in solving any problem. As the saying goes, "United we stand divided we fall" The most important, if every person realizes this that collectively working towards any problem in harmony would give best results rather than working individually in addressing them.

Not my Problem: Till the time the problem does not come on an Individual and effect them, they would think why should I bother, It's not my problem. This is the attitude that we need to change. If it bothers one or not when we can think in the direction still to work it out the problems can be resolved more effectively. Right now all the more we need to start thinking collectively rather then giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to something that is not impacting us directly. It may not be impacting us right now, but we never know when it will come on us.


In the pandemic, I have observed there are many people who are in comfortable position so when there are people who are protesting against the lockdowns they are finding it irrelevant. Because the people who are fighting against the lockdowns are the ones who are suffering economically and the ones who are in comfortable position are not able to relate to it. So their attitude is either it is not my problem or that it is irrelevant.

It is now important to start operating from a mindset of inclusiveness and Respect. Exclusiveness divides and Inclusiveness unites people. Every person irrespective of abilities, religion, needs when everyone is given equal amount of respect it will strengthen the bond between people and allow people to work together and think for the higher good.

It is also important right now to equally distribute the available resources. Feeling of equality will bring harmony in people. When there is extreme disparity in the distribution of available resources this creates the opportunity for Greed, Lust, Anger, Fear and then people want to work it out in their own ways to compete each other.

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Some people may see loneliness as hell, but it is a method and a way for a person to become another person in all aspects of his life. All love and appreciation of a useful article as usual :D

Yes loneliness is also about self-learning and self-growth

Unity is key.

Hi Nainaz, glad to see you are well and are still spreading your wonderful words of unity, hope and inspiration. x

Thank you dear @hopehuggs. So good to see you around, you have been away for a very long time. Hope all is going well for you. Take care and stay safe. Much Love💖

Yeah solve problem in tiny way every day

Exactly. Nothing happens overnight. Collectively every single day with baby steps also we can make a difference