Update For Unleash Power #6

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Weekly Update #6

This was a boring week as the bots have taken almost all the profit out of it. The price of steem was steady though (along with sbds). The price of steem dropped slighly from a 2.68 value to 2.35 in the last week. Even with that slight negativity, we are still holding in there. Our balance of sbds increased to $25 (+2), but our upvotes in the hopper were basically flat at $64 ($0) (see chart below). So we had a small gain as we essentially were flat on votes and but gained $2 sbd (note we did pick up some steem power, but that isn't what we mark ourselves against). The good thing is the market dropped from a bit over $2.50 for steem and now it is being priced in the lower $2s, thus we have handled the drop rather well. With the new system on steemworld, we can now see what is exactly in the hopper, so now we have about a net $55 sbds once the posts pay off, so that is essentially up $2 sbds from last week.

As a reminder, we are hoping to continue to build the sbds and wait for a price drop (which we got partially this week, so not all bad ;) ). If we get a price drop the goal would be to get a rate of 180 SP per steem per week... so for 13 weeks that would be 13 steem for 180 sp. The goal is to get the sbd up enough to get 130 steem... so going from 55 sbds to 130 is about a 2 1/2 fold increase. I think we can do that in the next month or so. (with a break)... That is still a 2.5x growth rate, unch from 2.5x last week... The goal will get clearer and more achievable as the days go forward!

If we reach those goals and target prices, it would mean the addition of 1800 steem or roughtly 3x what we have today.

That is the plan... Feel free to tell me what you think!

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Can you link to your original post? Trying to understand what kind of experiment you are implementing.

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