Now that mom's social security matches my base rent exactly..

in #unlike2 years ago

We reach another vortex in the modern american economy.
My 11-year old and I left Dollar Tree passing by apartments which charged $2,500 in the best and worse of times. Why? Shame on them.
I never charged mom half rent, from the time she moved in; didn't seem right. My family and I made up a number: $700. Maybe I made up that number? Like Tony Soprano or Joey Coco Diaz; making stuff up. alive
Because in a fractal economy, that's what you do, make stuff up. Maybe it sticks, Al dente against the wall.
$700 was mom's bondage to Wells Fargo, from which she was set free. Now that bondage is over, she gets to keep some of her money; unlike when dad was alive, and they spent everything.
These days I don't ask mom for much. She'll probably never see half my rent.