Untamed Challenge: My Favourite Untamed Card Art

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My entry into the #untamedchallenge

You can find details of the Untamed Challenge by @simplymike by simply clicking --> HERE

This weeks challenge is to show the art from 3 of your favourite Untamed cards. Pretty awesome right?, so let's do it!

P.S. I heard a few peeps will be watching the #untamedchallenge tag and tossing some sweet votes your way! This includes @battlegames, STEEM'S #1 Gaming tribe will be smashing posts with 30k SPT, 250k BATTLE, 3k NEOXAG, 2k STEEM..The better the post the bigger the upsmash!

#1 - ALBATROSS - The art for this card is simple, clean, and I really dig the choice of blues,..it almost looks enchanted! It's also a fucking fantastic card to have in my Water deck and looks even better on a gold frame!


#2 - ELVEN MYSTIC - Again with the blues, but this guy just looks fucking mystical, as he should! And if you take a look at the full image hes sitting on god damn pentagram,,..that evil fuck! The card, ss far as the card goes he may be useful at max level but probably not!

Elven Mystic.png

#3 - CORNEALUS - The magnificent fucking eye ball! If you stare into it, he just seems so fucking ominous, like he's looking right back at you into your empty soul! How dare you. Again the blues and purples, looks mystical and magical.

The card - Well shit you know at max level this is going to be a real mother fucker if you can get him in your deck in one of those large mana games. Neutral so can be played with all splinters, would be sick with Salenia.. and he's kind of built like he wants to tank but wont because he's ranged. How about in the off-tank position maybe, he can magic reflect there, and will strike back at anything that is trying to snipe him,..and when he is hit by ranged does he hit back and deal thorns, like hot damn! A Maxed version will cost around $110..


@simplymike thanks for the contests, you rock, keep at it!

Here's tagging 2 Splinterlands players --> @philippekiene @thegoliath

Here's the original post for anyone that would like to participate..do it! Go Go Go!



Awesome choices,

I think that Giant Eye is going to be popular.

Looking through some top level games last night I did see the eyeball in play from time to time,.. making its way into the meta..

Thanks for joining, @agr8buzz, sparkelpuff
And thanks for the support!

Cornealus seems to be everyone's number 1. It's the only legendary I don't have a lot of copies of, unfortunately. But there's still time, right, lol.


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