Fear of Holes

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My first blog post on Steemit


Hey, what's up, Steem people? I just joined and this is my first post. I've decided to use it to inform you about a very strange fear called trypophobia. It's also called the Fear of Holes.

More specifically, trypophobics have an intense, irrational fear or revulsion towards clusters of small holes or patterns like one might find in honeycomb, pomegranates, Swiss cheese, or even bubbles.

Science does not officially recognize trypophobia. But any scientist studying phobias will tell you there are people scared of just about anything. Some research indicates that the Fear of Holes may be a learned, biological revulsion to certain items, perhaps when holes appear to be made by insects or worms.

The truth is that no one really knows, buy there are active groups of people online who swear they have strong fears of holey objects. Even condensation on a bottle can trigger it.

So there's your fun and unusual fact for today. Hope you enjoyed my first blog post on Steemit.



Totally random that I came across this. My sister actually mentioned this to me recently and send me the photo blow. I can see why it would freak people out!


I actually hate this kind of stuff, doesn't scare me but it kinda repulses me.

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