Internet Semi-fast Day 15 : When did I become a workaholic?

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I spent the last 48 hours essentially working and sleeping. Work involves a lot of chatting with potential clients so it's not that much different from someone who is being lazy, but it's a lot more productive.

I'm working hard on building my student base. I have 10 students/clients now and need another 10 to reach my goal of long term sustainability! I got back almost all my old students as online students. Some were really hesitant to study online and were looking for an excuse to be lazy but after a month of staying home most have gotten bored enough to start up again. Found another great one!

I did 2 free trial coaching sessions. One is for a friend who in exchange is helping me with how to market to local people better. The other went really well but might have been a bit too intense for her, she started crying at the end. She obviously was happy to have had the conversation, but she might feel ashamed and not want to continue.... I'll figure it out! Another trial in a few days and a few others who are still inquiring.

I need to make sure I don't get sucked into work too much though. I need to spend enough time on my body. I cant switch back and forth between channels so easily but I really need to spend more time on my body before I crash.
I said today was gonna be a body day but there were so many new threads to follow and so I tried following them all. It was worth it, since I got those two old students back and the new trial but tomorrow definitely needs to be a body day. Breathing first and foremost.

I haven't done any writing in a week. I have a few more threads I want to follow first and see if I can get 2 or 3 more students but if I can do all that and exercise and meditate, writing is next on my list! The novel is 1/3 and second third could easily be finished in a few weeks if I spend 2 hours a day so I want to get back to that!

Deadpost tomorrow or next day. This time I will be putting some ad money into it to make sure it reaches some new eyes.

And @skyleap made another picture of me! Thanks man!!!
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