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"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a friend that is going through a really tough time at the moment. Just as she seems to be coming terms to one trial, another big blow hits her out of no where! I feel so helpless when my friends are suffering through really hard times and I'm unable to do much from my end to help them. The best thing I think one can do is offer one's time and find small ways to encourage them.

My mom-in-law showed me a similar idea to what I created today. She received a tin of tea bags with printed little "inspirational thoughts of the day" attached to the tags. I thought this was such a lovely gift and couldn't wait to try making something like that with my own creative flair to it.

As Sheldon from Big Bang Theory puts it: "Social protocol states when a friend is upset, you offer them a hot beverage, such as tea."
So I thought it indeed a "fine sentiment" to organize a whole jar of chamomile tea to encourage and calm my friend.


I didn't have a pretty tin so I decided to upcycle a glass coffee jar and decorate it with some trimmings in my craft box.

Pretty Trimmings

I didn't have much in my craft box but these little trimmings seemed to fit perfectly on this little jar and added just the right feminine touch.

Hot Glue

I used my glue gun to apply some glue down the length of the fabric and rolled the jar onto it and then applied a decorative purple flower. I burnt myself on the hot glue - be careful folks! DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU'RE DUMB! (like me - heehee)

Messages of Encouragement

Next I found 20 short quotes that I thought would really help my friend and I wrote it onto the back of some scrapbooking paper that I cut to the size of the tea tag and folded it to look like a card. I wrote them all by hand as I don't have a printer at the moment, but it turned out to be a nice touch to have them all handwritten
I stuck the messages onto the tags with some selotape and carefully placed the now beautiful triangle tea bags into the jar.

Finishing Touches

To finish it off I wrote a little note that I attached with a ribbon.

All that was left now was to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat with my buddy..

Have you ever felt the hope that a cup of tea brings when you are stressed or in distress? What's your favourite tea?



This is a wonderful idea! I have a friend who is going through a similar difficult time, and this would be perfect for her, I think! Thank you for sharing this delightful suggestion with #steemitbloggers 😊

My pleasure! I’m so glad more people are benefiting from this post than even just the steemians reading it! 😘 I hope it encourages your friend greatly!

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Wonderful idea, very thoughtful gift, I love it! 💕 Favorite tea? Ginger.

Thank you! Hmmmm I love ginger tea too but I like it best with fresh lemon and ginger pieces and some lemon cordial- yum!

Jar recycling with lovely notes attached to tea bags a lovely thoughtful gift @wildwanderer

Thanks Joan :)

That's such a Great idea my dear words are special gifts and i love the coffee jar recycle idea, thanks for sharing. Regards

Pleasure! I’d like to make a printable for the tags still and share it online- just waiting for some time in my schedule 💝

@wildwanderer Love the idea to bring back some good vibes and this is sign of support as well as feeling the hot tea in your body and just enjoying the little present!

Nothing like a cup of tea right! :) thanks for your comment :)

This is brilliant
I love this idea
It makes such great gifts
Thank you for sharing @wildwanderer

Pleasure! Hope you can pay it forward to a friend in need 😘

Such a lovely creation! Very artsy!!! I love it!! 💕💕💕

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What an adorable idea. Especially for friends in need, because you never know when a cup of tea can be helpful to just destress after a long day.

I'm actually glad it's getting cold enough out for me to want tea again, tea is the most amazing thing in the world. There's a blend from Adagio that has blood orange, raspberry leaf, and a few other things that I super love and I can't wait to have another cup soon.

Hmmmmmm! That sounds delicious!!! I love fancy unique teas! I’ve had a boood Orange tea before and it was delicious! But that blend sounds awesome! Definitely something super de-stressing about a warm cup of tea!

This is such a thoughtful gift. Personally, I like the handwritten notes, as they add a personal touch that a printed note wouldn't. I would love to borrow your idea, with your permission, of course! #steemitbloggers!

Please do! Pay it forward :)

Thanks! I will!

@wilwanderer a brilliant idea. We have one friend that owns this apple harm and she has very bad leukemia, she is receiving "T-Cell" treatment at the moment in Israel and we have another friend that fell and broke her arm here in Somerset West. I will show this to Marian as she loves to send them bible and inspirational messages! Blessings!

I’m sure it will make the world of difference to them! Glad you liked the idea!

That's just sweet :) it's always worth making someone's day better who's going through especially tough times and even when they aren't :)

So true actually! I think words of affirmation speak to everyone and definitely offers encouragement <3

Wonderful gifts, I think these tough times are opportunities for use to appreciate our friendships even more.

Greetings from Cape Town :)

Absolutely! Thanks for the support 💝

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Excellent upcycling! Our world needs more of this.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

This is such an awesome idea! Easy, personal,and uplifting - talk about a great gift for every occasion! Thanks so much for the inspiration - I've pinned this on one of my Pinterest boards for future reference.

Oh, and to answer your question - yes, I've found comfort in a cuppa before, and my all time favorite tea is Raspberry Earl Grey. 😊

Ooooh Yay! I like to hear I’ve been pinned :D
Hmmmm raspberry earl grey! I’m going to have to try that!

I meant to include the link to the pin, and just noticed I didn't... oopsies!

And yes, you definitely should! It's wicked delish! 😋

Thanks so much! I just pinned myself 🤩🤪

Awww what a sweet thing to do. "Small" gestures like this (small in quotes because really this was not a small thing, you put some nice time and effort into this) make SUCH a difference to someone when they are struggling. It is so nice to know someone is thinking about you! You rock :) Much love - Carl

:) thanks! I really hope it makes a big difference!

What a beautiful idea! And I love that the notes were all handwritten! So much love and intention put into that little jar! I'm sure your friend will love it! Now I'm craving tea too! 💖

Heehee! Yeah she loved it! I saw her again today and was met with tears of gratitude! I’m so glad it encouraged her! What is your favorite tea? I really enjoy chamomile but here in South Africa we also have this amazing tea called Rooibos tea and it really is satisfying to relax with a cup of that after a busy day! They have even made an espresso version of it here called Red Espresso (rooibos translated is red bush) - very healthy and delicious 😋

@wildwanderer I love Rooibos! Lately I've really been enjoying honeybush as well! I'm notorious for mixing loose teas in various weird mixes. I'm really fond of ginger and turmeric too! I used to drink chamomile regularly growing up. 😀That espresso version sounds so interesting! I've never heard of an espresso tea! Sounds like you should do a post on it!😉

What a great thing to do for your friend. I think it was a quote from the film Evan Almighty. When asked how to change the world, God replied, "One act of random kindness at a time". Well done on your act of kindness, your friend will remember that forever.

I hope she will forever pay it forward! Imagine if everyone gave random acts of kindness to others everyday! What a beautiful world this would be! Thanks for reminding me of that movie! I have a new resolve: to share the idea of daily random acts of kindness with my little ones! Have you ever come across
I’ve been thinking of how to get my little ones more involved in the community- I think this is a beautiful way to do it! Thanks for commenting!!! :)

I hope your friend bounces back up soon. With you having as a friend makes hard times easier to bear. What you did here for here is priceless with all those words of encouragement in a jar. She is lucky to have a friend like you around.

Thanks so much! 🤗 my love language (according to what I’ve read from Gary Chapman’s book) is words of affirmation - in both giving and receiving... i never really gave it much thought before reading his book but words can be so powerful :)

Love the tea line. Everyone must be upset in Ireland if that’s the case because we are all drinking tea. #steemitbloggers

Heehee! The beauty that surrounds you is uplifting enough but I’m afraid the weather there requires the encouragement brought from tea 😂

Wonderful upcycling idea and the finished product is AMAZING!!

Thank you for sharing!

Pleasure! And thank you! 🌻

Hello @wildwanderer, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you! What an honor indeed!

What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing!

Pleasure 👌🏻

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