Short Break

in #update4 years ago

Y'all already know my life has been turned upside down recently and that I'm gonna be spending some time away from home... so I figured this was a good idea to take a quick break and recharge my mental battery. I am gonna be focusing on figuring things out and working towards my 5-year-plan so I probably won't have time to post. I'll be back soon! 

P.S. Post your #homesteadingchallenge submission anytime this week and I will review them/announce winners when I get back! 


Have a good vacation, we all need to break sometimes. I am sorry for what have happened to you @kiaraantonoviche. I wish you all the best. Keep positive thinking

Stepping back to look at the big picture from time to time is always a good idea. So is recharging your batteries. Best wishes and see you again soon. -Aimee

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