Is anyone active here any more?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #update11 months ago

This place makes me nervous after all that's been going on, so I'm not around much.

I also landed a LOT of work with a major tech company and a bank, some pretty good paying projects with a lot of hours involved to keep things going through June and into July!

Are you obeying your overlords at the UN and continuing your self-quarantines? Good slaves!! :)

Be back when I can/or when I feelz like it.


Haha, Milking is okay, yeah there are several good things going on here.

No question it was a powerful hit to so many experienced witnesses, but the price is still trading above where it was at before Justin Sun.

Also the 100 days of Steem have been fun and I think we might actually get to a point where yes, it is centralized.. but also we actually can and will reward content creators, because the primary stakeholders are interested in a long term game instead of trying to protect their own stake.

There are pros and cons. 6 weeks left in my evaluation period.

Hope you are well.

If milking is okay, then maybe I will have to try it some day. Sounds a little gross though.

I wonder how old Roy is doing. The negotiations done got him stressed out.

Busy like a crazy mon, like I shouldn't even be posting at all!!!

Roy is gone, he quit.

Also, Jsun isn't involved on a day to day either.


Yes I am very active.

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