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We're working for our microgame "In Extinction" to come to light soon. We have added new Special Items to make the game more dynamic for the competitions that we will do within the Whaleshares community with the support of the BBCas and ProjectMilkbox projects. Unfortunately, within Steemit we still do not have enough SP to work within this great community.However, within Steemit we have the support of and we hope that soon our project will take the momentum it deserves.

<p <style="line-height: 2;" style="line-height: 2;">At this moment we don't have the expected funding, but this is not an impediment for us to continue fighting to make our dream come true to bring to the world decentralized games entertaining and have messages that contribute to reflect on environmental problems and the good use of technology for the evolution of humanity.<p <style="line-height: 2;">

With the objectives of financing ourselves and build community around our project Escape Team Game, we are building "In Extinction", a simple microgame where we have developed the art of the game thinking about "the extinction of bees". Previously we made a post raising the issue, you can see it here.

Let's talk about the art of "In Extinction":

Design by @NamRa on "In Extinction"

The cob and the tomato represent transgenic crops manipulated to resist high doses of insecticides. We know that glyphosate and neonicotinoids affect the native blooms from which bees feed, and obviously wild bees that are not "cultivated" by beekeepers, their which cover the combs so that insecticides do not affect, However, it is necessary to find a balance between the native population and the crops manipulated to resist herbicides.

Agriculture has been economically benefited by transgenic crops and not all crops of this kind are harmful to bees, they're only those who have genetic manipulations that make them resistant to herbicides. There're genetic manipulations in plants that make them directly resistant to attack by insects harmful to the crop, without the need to spray the environment with toxins.

How good are transgenic products resistant to herbicides for human health? That is another very controversial issue that we'll not talk about at the moment.

Design by @NamRa on "In Extinction"

This special item within "In Extinction" represents a bee frozen by climate change. Another important factor when talking about the extinction of bees. However, for game purposes, the bee can be defrosted by the touch of another bee :)

Design by @NamRa on "In Extinction"

These mutant flowers belong to transgenic crops that have been treated to resist high doses of insecticides, therefore they're more harmful to bees. The resistance score, in this case, to disappear and leave the field free to the player is higher.

Design by @NamRa on "In Extinction"

Some of these flowers are native and others belong to transgenic crops that have not been genetically manipulated to resist the poisons but to resist the attack of harmful insects, which does not represent a problem for the bees. They are full of delicious nectar and their resistance score to disappear is low, which helps to clear the field of the player so that it increases in level more easily.

Design by @NamRa on "In Extinction"

The bomb and explosions within the game are Special Items that will help the player to get rid of transgenic crops and mutant flowers that do not help bees can feed and fulfill their function within the natural cycles of pollination, necessary to maintain the balance of the entire ecosystem.

It is vital to take care of the balance of the native populations: animals and vegetables. Because the earth can begin to present important changes in its ph and so that no form of food can be cultivated for anyone.

Maybe in another version of the game, we make special items with the natural predators of the bees that are also an important factor when we talk about the subject of the "extinction of the bees".

Do not forget to watch the presentation of "In Extinction"!

We wish you a happy day!

<a href="" https:="""" vff6jwm"="">We invite you to our Discord

Marketing - Design 3D - Writter: @fanisk

Developer - Musician - Writter: @elguille

Design 2D - Developer - Writter: @namra

Lawyer - Public Relations: @matuca

Gametester - Marketing: @yosuandoni


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