Share The Love Update Thanks Everyone

in #upfundition3 years ago

I just wanted to thank the initial 39 backing accounts for our fundition share the love campaign.

A large portion of campaign rewards are funneled into #upfundme campaigns for everyone crowdfunding using steemit!

Also don't forget UpFundMe Premium supports posting using too, now you can get UpFundMe support however you decide to crowdfund on the STEEM blockchain!



Thank You for using UpFundMe Premium!

This post has received a 85.00% upvote from and @tmholdings! Premium members also get an increased vote weight from the upfundme trail!

We are currently in the testing phase and invite anyone crowdfunding to join us by checking out This Post!

UpFundMe Support
UpFundMe Premium Support
1 STEEM / 30 days or a 30 SP delegation
Vote weight depends on available vote power.
Consistent vote weight!
Manual votes.
Automatic voting!
TASKMANAGER trail following at 40% scaled vote weight.
TASKMANAGER trail following at 80% scaled vote weight AND @tmholdings following wilth 100% scaled vote weight!
Manual resteem.
Automatic resteems!
Supports crowdfunding posts via #upfundme on steemit
Automatic support for crowdfunding posts and updates on, and #upfundme on steemit! is not a bid bot, we are a membership based crowdfunding support service for crowdfunding ONLY. You should request to join before sending any STEEM by replying to any of these comments.

If you have both UpFundMe Premium AND own 50 or more TASKMANAGER in your bitshares wallet, you qualify for up to 2 automatic comment votes from @taskmanager / day.

I really apprexiate your efforts Taskmanager. I was reading some of your older posts and i am curious about your taskmanager bitshares... Could you possibly post something that maybe elaborates the value proposition... Please and thank you!

"Owning 50 or more TASKMANAGER gives you a 0.02 STU (or more) upvote by one or more account owned or operated by TaskManager Holdings on the STEEM blockchain up to 2x per day. To confirm ownership of your TASKMANAGER please leave a comment on a recent @taskmanager post or comment on steemit. Dividends may be paid out if extra income is available based on the % of TASKMANAGER owned. (Please note, these terms may change at any time without notice or warning. @taskmanager or TaskManager Holdings, or any of it's employees are not liable for any lost or missing transactions, missed votes or any other issues related to the use of this service.)

This is the asset info from bitshares, however it gets deeper than what's written.

So my questions are is there benefit to holding more than 50 shares? More vote weight? More votes per day?

Can I hold the shares and delegate their use as I see fit? I am thinking of using this asset to help some minows build some rewards... is that allowed / encouraged?

Holding over 50 shares is handled on a case by case basis, but does come with an increased vote weight and/or the possibility of more votes per day. The math gets a little wonky with increased variables so at that point a little guesstamation and rounding comes in.

Officially speaking, delegating shares is not allowed due to the manual nature of the program and the headache and work involved in constantly manually adjusting who is getting votes, unofficially it is encouraged and i do so myself with most of the shares I hold. Keeping that in mind I am willing to try it, so long as it doesn't give me a headache. If it does give me a headache I would have to transfer that headache back to you by removing support for delegating TMs.

There are other benefits to holding more TASKMANAGER, such as having an increasing share in a slowly decreasing supply, a voice in TaskManager related activities (Yup people who hold TMs matter, their opinions matter and the more TMs you hold the more your opinion matters to how things are ran), eventually a share in @t50 promotional bot as dividends (currently this share goes to the main voting account for TASKMANAGER as Steem Power), a sharedrop for any future tokens, and whatever else I happen to come up with in the future.