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Crowdfund goal
$350 CAD
Amount paid: $36.68 CAD

It has been quite some time since my previous #upfundme post. I was originally trying to upfund a PSU for a new computer, which can be found HERE

Since then I've had very good luck in that, instead of upfunding a PSU, I'm upfunding the whole shebang. A whole computer from none other than the creator of upfundme himself, @taskmanager!

Here are some specs for the computer


@taskmanager was nice enough to give me the computer before payment was received, so I've been able to test it out for it's intended purpose. I will be using this computer to stream primarily. I've done a few streams already, and although I definitely have a long way to go, I'm quite happy with how the first couple turned out.

Now I'm getting a great deal for this rig, so I only need to raise $350 CAD. I will be counting the value of the original Upfundme I did for the PSU as value towards my goal, so thanks to all who submitted an upvote!


You have received an upvote and resteem to help with your upfundme crowdfunding project. Thank you for using #upfundme.

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Great, in my opinion these are reflecting really high end specifications for the gaming purpose, and i also have the interest in gaming but unfortunately i have low end specifications system. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks dude! I've wanted to stream for years now, it's cool to finally see it happening

Welcome and it's great to hear. 🙂

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