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RE: MAPX Token Weekly Statement & News - 19 April 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

in #upfundme6 months ago

Sorry I don’t follow many posts on here any longer. I have mapX tokens, I remove the stake and what’s the hive equivalent?


On Hive is now @MPATH.
If you have unstaked you must transfer those MAPX tokens back to the issuer map10k and let me know on steem whether you want liquid steem or MAXUV tokens.

Thanks, so it's unstaked now. I send the tokens back to the account @map10k on Steem Engine? I don't want to do it wrong and lose them!

I would take liquid steem, I'll buy some of the other tokens at a later point on Hive Engine.

Didn’t hear back so I sent the 3 tokens back to the @map10k account.

Thanks, have sent you STEEM!
Sorry, I try to check msgs every couple of days; no harm done in this case :-)

No worries, I don’t do much on this one either!

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