Crowfounding week 2

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The strength is in the joining. And what a community we know that. It's been very crazy days here. But we know that together we will achieve great things and above all defend our family. Because everyone here is a big family.

Today I want to thank @esteemapp for all their support. I remember when I received one of his first votes. The price of the steem was good and my post reached more than $ 10 from that moment until now all my posts are published from your app. And I think that like me there are many users who love this application. I can say that it is the best to always be connected.

A week ago I started a campaign to raise funds and be able to pay for some classes and to improve the appearance of my cakes. And I can only thank you for the support. Especially to @cpol for your donation, thank you and I hope things get better here little by little and I can raise the money and take the classes.


In each cake goes a little of my heart and a lot of love. Although I already make beautiful cakes it is the truth. But there is always much more to improve.

For my first week in this campaign I gathered 55 steem. Thank you to each one of you. What makes that dream come true.

*If you see my post. Support me with your vote and please share. That way more people will know about my dream and can help me. Thanks friend. Together we are a big family capable of doing the impossible. POSSIBLE


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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I'm happy to be part of your family!

Thanks a lot! You are a wonderful family for me😊❤

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¡Nombre, más bien gracias a ti por tus buenos posts! ¡Cada vez que veo esos pasteles se me hace agua la boca! ¡Sigue mejorando y haciéndolos más ricos!

Que feliz me hace leer este comentario y saber que disfrutas mis post. Y aprecias mi trabajo! Muchisimas gracias💕

Together we will make it dear friend !

You are so sweet. Thanks so much💙

I love having you as a family member and wish you all the best as you raise your money for the next set of classes. You deserve to take your career to the next level. Best wishes to you Denisse.♥♥♥

I am very lucky to have you. They are the most wonderful family anyone can have. Thanks for your good wishes! I hope soon to be able to take more classes, and share the photos with you💕

That is great, I sent you a little something to assist.

Thank you! God bless you always for your help! ❤

You are most welcome.

Your cakes are definitely very beautiful @denissemata! I hope your fundraising efforts continue to go well for you!

Bright Blessings!

Good luck with your crowdfunding! Your cakes are beautiful! :)
How much do you need for your classes that you want to take?

Thank you! Classes cost $ 200