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RE: UpFundMe Update: UFM Whale Packages [Limited]

in #upfundme2 years ago

great that you guys are doign a social crowfunding, will use the tag for my openmic of the week, this information suit me very good, cause coincidence, i was asking for money on my post, if you guys can help me to achieve this, i had one month to pay the camera i bough and i live on Venezuela, is a hard task to do if this crypto world never appeared, thank you for make new posibilities, also, i would like to be a whale, im an activist, i love empower people trough arts.


I don't think you added the tag within the time limit to be added to the front end. Unfortunately I don't think that post will earn any UFM rewards because of this.

Next time use #upfundme when you create your post, or you can post from the site.

well, next time could be, yes, thank you for clarify this, is a good tip to know that