First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 23

in #upfundme11 months ago

Hey frens it's time for another edition of "poor Phoenix holds up his digital cardboard sign to try and build a good first aid kit with which he might be able to help others someday," so let's get to it, shall we?


Last week's post paid out (excuse the lack of link, I am still working on my phone which hates me), and here is the math:

49¢ in Steem
3.523 PAL @ .00625¢/PAL = 2¢
Unknown amount of UFM because the site will not show me last week's post. The week prior was 14¢ worth of UFM so we're gonna pretend it's the same and call it good.
65¢ for the week
$14.71 for the previous 3 weeks
$15.36 toward a goal of $42.56
so that means
$27.20 to go

This goal is to buy: alcohol wipes, a tourniquet, and an emergency water filter:


All upvotes and donations are appreciated to help me finish building my first aid kit! :)

Have a good day and may technology play nice with you!



I'm sure you told us already ... but you have to buy all these things together to save on carriage charges? Just thinking, I'd like one under my(your) belt 😎

Yeah, it's orders of $25+ get free shipping. If I add in the expensive antacid to the list, I could probably split it into two orders and do it that way. I just haven't adjusted for it yet. :)

**about 46 UFM (your share after curation) with a value of about 1.25 steem

Hey, thanks! :)

Oh I'm wrong, 0 ufm... because actifit was used :(
actifit posts don't show up on or earn ufm

Sent a 125 UFM donation instead

OH is that what the problem was! I was having technical issues that day, lol. Thank you so much for the UFM! <3

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