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RE: UpFundMe Update: We Are Live!

in #upfundme2 years ago

HOLY CROW does my post really have that much UFM on it?! I'm so floored, thanks, everyone! That is a lot of first aid supplies (though I won't sell it all off, I want to stake and participate in UFM in the long run and support everyone's projects!)!! I'm so grateful. <3


The current lack of competition is allowing your post to receive that large of a reward yes, it may go down as more posts are added this week. But I did promote and feature your post, so I think you shouldn't have an issue getting some band aids.

Powering up the extra would make it easier to get the rest of your first aid kit funded and allow you to better participate on the social end of our tribe.

Welcome to UpFundMe 2.0: Social Crowdfunding.

That's what I want to do. Powering it all up with what I have now would make me alllllllmost a UFM whale. I want to be able to use that to help all the projects, in addition to my first aid kit!
Thank you for the promotion and feature! :)