And now you expect ...

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... an extensive explanation of this photo.
Is it a special staircase? Is it in a special or famous building?
Is the design from a famous architect?
C'mon, tell us ... why did you shoot this ...

And the honest answer is ...
I have no idea!
For some reason I can never resist taking a picture at the top of a staircase ...
Probably some kind of psychological disorder ... but rest assured, totally harmless.

Anyway, since I'm still immersed in the (less and less) wonderful world of my C# course ... I was in dire need of a Lightroom break ...
So, I tried different editing styles on this old photo that I found in my library and the result is ... well, stairs. What else ... 😉

Oh well, I had a nice break and ... with this one I also have my fantastic annual sh*t post. I swear my next post will be more interesting ... at least I swear I'll try 😉

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I won't...(jump I mean 😁)

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