UpFundMe - SBI Memberships for TASKMANAGER Tokenholders (5)

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#upfundme uses the support of communities within steemit to fund various projects and crowdfunds. The idea is that various communities come together to help steemians attain their goals using only the power of their upvotes. Upvotes can pay for almost anything if the community is willing to support it. We are going to try and get #steembasicincome shares for people holding over 50 TASKMANAGER. New members will be added to the bottom of the list and wait in line as the rotation continues normally.


Fund Goal

23 STEEM per round, multiple rounds.
9 out of 23 shares given this round.

Confirmed Members (Shares given in SBI)

@riosparada (2)
@inphiknit (2)
@ebryans (2)
@bola (2)
@vilius (2)
@kenny-crane (2)
@compumatrix (2)
@rxhector (2)
@virtualgrowth (2)

@pairmike (1)
@mrwang (1)
@stranger27 (1)
@barrydutton (1)
@d3nv3r (1)
@thatterrioguy (1)
@bidnat (1)
@ksticky (1)
@starline (1)
@billbutler (1)
@weberh8 (1)
@rishi556 (1)
@cryptogrind (1)
@nikema (1)

If you are seeing this for the first time and are wondering what a #upfundme is, check out this post.

For more information on the TASKMANAGER bitshares token and recent changes, see this post.

For more information on #steembasicincome, see this post.


You have received an upvote and resteem to help with your upfundme crowdfunding project. Thank you for using #upfundme.

Important! - please read the upfundme rules here.

Use these links to find the value of your saved SBD or STEEM.

Check out another project from the creators of @upfundme, you can enter to win prizes from @prizeportal. Internet Money - Real Prizes.

Thank you very much!

Oh I'm changing up your comment voting setup now, automatic for 2x comments per day. Was using the old setup.

If I used the upfundme hashtag as my primary, could I try to upfund my dental work? I have a post about it, honestly dont know what else to do right now. Im pretty on edge from the pain and it makes it hard to be a Dad, Blogger and well anything else. Much love!

I'm feeling ya on needing dental work, I need quite a bit myself. You can use #upfundme to create a series of posts to upfund your dental work for sure, things like that is why me and my buddies created #upfundme.

The post should be specifically for the crowdfund purpose, not a general post. It should also include a clear fund goal in USD, STEEM, SBD or a local currency. Check out this post and this rules post to get the best out of #upfundme. Post multiple times per week so the amount can add up, but no more than once a day or so.

Thanks @taskmanager. I’ll take a day or two and write something worthwhile up and make sure to follow all your guidelines so I can indeed make the most which would be my intention. Bringing value to the blockchain is important too though so I’m going to work hard to make it a worthwhile read.

Also check out something else I'm running:

I post that every couple days and give out a few shares, this is one of those cases where it's totally deserving.

Done! Put up a detailed post on there for the entry, thanks a bunch @taskmanager

Ok this is great

AWESOME - thank you. I been holding that 50 taskmanager token for so long I almost forgot about it ;)
Looks like I better hold on to that shit a little longer....

If ya did the math I bet that 50 tokens paid for itself a few times over in upvotes alone. Some of them gave $1-$5 upvotes during the good days. That was more of a test of potential, now I gotta build it up instead of using rented SP. As long as I'm alive and in the crypto world I'll do something to give that token some sort of value so it's still worth holding onto.