UpFundMe - SBI Memberships for TASKMANAGER Tokenholders (7)

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#upfundme uses the support of communities within steemit to fund various projects and crowdfunds. The idea is that various communities come together to help steemians attain their goals using only the power of their upvotes. Upvotes can pay for almost anything if the community is willing to support it. We are going to try and get #steembasicincome shares for people holding over 50 TASKMANAGER. New members will be added to the bottom of the list and wait in line as the rotation continues normally.


Fund Goal

24 STEEM per round, multiple rounds.
11 out of 24 shares given this round.

Confirmed Members (Shares given in SBI)

@riosparada (3)
@inphiknit (3)
@ebryans (3)
@bola (3)
@vilius (3)
@kenny-crane (3)
@compumatrix (3)
@rxhector (3)
@virtualgrowth (3)
@pairmike (3)
@mrwang (3)

@stranger27 (2)
@barrydutton (2)
@d3nv3r (2)
@thatterrioguy (2)
@bidnat (2)
@ksticky (2)
@starline (2)
@billbutler (2)
@weberh8 (2)
@rishi556 (2)
@cryptogrind (2)
@nikema (2)
@gwbush (1)

If you are seeing this for the first time and are wondering what a #upfundme is, check out this post.

For more information on the TASKMANAGER bitshares token, recent changes and how to get yourself on this list by holding 50 TASKMANAGER, see this post.

For more information on #steembasicincome, see this post.


I am at the first time viewer of @upfundme..Checking old post

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