Using #onupfundme To Boost Your #upfundme Crowdfund

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This is mainly for UpFundMe Premium members, however regular users of #upfundme can also do this if they wish without the Premium benefits. Using #onupfundme will signify that your intention is to put the rewards from that post towards your #upfundme crowdfund, without having to go through the usual "rules and regulations" of using #upfundme!

New for UpFundMe Premium members

If the goal is to put ALL STEEM REWARDS FOR THAT POST towards your #upfundme crowdfund I have added a special tag, #onupfundme. Using #onupfundme instead of #upfundme will show that the intention is for the reward to go towards your UpFundMe campaign without the post having to mention your UpFundMe goals. UpFundMe Premium will automatically upvote these posts to support your crowdfunding goals!


Use #upfundme for these posts:

Use #onupfundme but do not use #upfundme for these types of posts:

This will allow anyone with UpFundMe Premium to get support for non-upfundme posts so long as they are going towards their UpFundMe crowdfund goals!


Still use #upfundme for your regular crowdfunding posts.

Do NOT use #upfundme for posts unrelated to your crowdfund!

Use #onupfundme for a regular blog post that is giving it's rewards to your crowdfund.

Do NOT use #upfundme and #onupfundme at the same time.

#upfundme must be the 1st tag for crowdfunding posts.

#onupfundme can be in any tag position.

Only UpFundMe Premium members get support from the account.

Regular users can still use #onupfundme, but will not receive automatic support and will need to rely on the community.


Abuse of this kindness will not be tolerated, the idea is to get some of these crowdfunds funded faster. Anyone caught scamming the system, or stealing Steem Power from #upfundme for use other than described above could find themselves on a brand new blacklist, for everything TaskManager related on any blockchain.

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We are currently in the testing phase and invite anyone crowdfunding to join us by checking out This Post!

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Supports crowdfunding posts via #upfundme on steemit
Automatic support for crowdfunding posts and updates on, and #upfundme on steemit! is not a bid bot, we are a membership based crowdfunding support service for crowdfunding ONLY. You should request to join before sending any STEEM by replying to any of these comments.

If you have both UpFundMe Premium AND own 50 or more TASKMANAGER in your bitshares wallet, you qualify for up to 2 automatic comment votes from @taskmanager / day.

Thats great news, I'll be doing that.

One of my better ideas lol, and easy to implement.