First UFM Post Payout + Contest (Prizes Include UFM Power and SBI Shares)

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1st Post Payout

The first #upfundme post with rewards has paid out. This lucky user received a large portion of the reward pool due to a lack of competition for posting within #upfundme.

Posting Contest

Over the next week, we will be giving away UFM Power and shares in #steembasicincome to some of you who post in #upfundme. Amount donated will be decided on a post by post basis. Plus don't forget about rewards earned in UFM and other tokens once your post pays out.

To Qualify:

  • Create an original blog post using #upfundme as one of your tags.
  • Resteem this post to help spread the word.
  • Comment below with a link to your post.
  • Contest ends when this post pays out. (On Steemit)


Higher quality content may receive better rewards. We are looking to give out up to 100 SBI shares and 10000 UFM Power total. Totals will depend ultimately on contest participation.

You may be rewarded in the form of an upvote (liquid UFM at post payout), staked UFM sent to your account, sbi shares or a combination of all three.

Small UFM Changes Update


We updated the description for miners today so those who purchase are more informed. You can grab up some miners here before those available are gone.

Both UFM and UFMM also now link out to, our future home.

@ufmbot was created to be the future home for our bidbot sink taking in and burning UFM in exchange for STEEM upvotes.

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UpFundMe Resteem Winners


You have been rewarded 25 UFM Power and 1 share in SBI.

Ty. Any idea when the site will be ready and active?

Posted using Partiko Android

We need about 600 more STEEM, so after the sale of 120 more miners.

We plan to launch the basic condenser as soon as the funds are available to do so and then plan on tweaking it from there.

If we don't make the sales soon we may offer "whale packages" for 100 STEEM each.

Will the whale package be offered at some discount?

Yes, and those like yourself who already bought in will receive higher priority if there is more demand than supply.

I'd love to grab such a deal!

For now, I've created a post to spread the word about your project. Hope it may be of some help:

That's an excellent summary of everything going on right now with UFM. I'll wait to vote that post so other UFM users can vote first. If @upfundme votes it too soon people will miss out on curation.

You have been rewarded with 150 UFM Power and 3 shares in SBI for this post.

Hi, @upfundme!

You just got a 2.57% upvote from SteemPlus!
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You got in just in time, I was just about to close this contest.

You received 25 UFM Power and 1 share in sbi for this post.

This contest in now closed.

You didn't, but more contests like this one will come.

For now though you will receive a vote from us after the community gets a chance to add their votes in first.