UpFundMe Update: Burning The Extra + Giveaway

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Unsold UFM

Exactly 4 weeks after launch, any unsold UFM on the market left over from the presale will be burned to make way for an open market.

We will leave it up for that month allowing anyone who wants to join, the opportunity to buy up larger quantities of UFM.


We are 73% funded towards the next goal of setting up Proof of Brain rewards for UFM and #upfundme.

Miners have been receiving daily rewards powered up to their accounts manually, until miners are funded and turned on.

You can find more details here.

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Resteem this post for a chance at receiving 1 UpFundMe Miner and 100 staked UFM!

10 lucky users who resteem this post will be picked using an RNG, and receive 1 UFMM and 100 staked UFM each!

It's that easy, hit that resteem button for a chance to win, upvotes not required (but encouraged). Winners will be picked and announced in ~1 week.


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