UpFundMe Update: We Are Live!

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We Are Live!

We are finally a functioning tribe at https://www.upfund.me! You can now post, curate and view #upfundme content from a proper front end.

Reward Amounts

There currently isn't much competition for rewards on upfund.me, so post payouts may seem a little high. As more competition comes to our tribe, post and vote values may fluctuate over the next couple weeks.

Promoted Posts

You can now add your posts to the Promoted section by clicking the PROMOTE button at the bottom of a post.


Put in the amount you want to burn to promote the post.


Click Promote and the post will show up in the promoted tab. The more UFM you burn to promote, the higher you are in the feed.


Featured Posts

When a slot is available it may be auctioned to the highest bidder in UFM (UFM will be burned), gifted to a post we wish to showcase, or sold privately.

Power Up Bonus

We are going to give you all a couple days to add more UFM Power to your wallets before we send out everyone's bonuses.

UFMM rewards, and whale packages both count as powering up for this bonus.

Whale Packages

24 whale packages are still available for 100 STEEM each.

Limit of 2 packages per person/account.

You can find more details here.

Burning Unsold UFM

All UFM left over from the 3400000 UFM currently for sale at 0.15 STEEM will be burned in approximately 28 days. This market order will be left up until then to allow anyone who wishes to buy whale amounts an option to do so.

Excluded Tags (New)

Nothing against these communities/apps, this just gives a cleaner look and feel to the site.

Tags Excluded:

  • actifit
  • steemhunt
  • appics
  • dlike
  • share2steem
  • memestagram
  • memehub

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This is great news! Congrats bro all the early investors and content providers

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HOLY CROW does my post really have that much UFM on it?! I'm so floored, thanks, everyone! That is a lot of first aid supplies (though I won't sell it all off, I want to stake and participate in UFM in the long run and support everyone's projects!)!! I'm so grateful. <3

The current lack of competition is allowing your post to receive that large of a reward yes, it may go down as more posts are added this week. But I did promote and feature your post, so I think you shouldn't have an issue getting some band aids.

Powering up the extra would make it easier to get the rest of your first aid kit funded and allow you to better participate on the social end of our tribe.

Welcome to UpFundMe 2.0: Social Crowdfunding.

That's what I want to do. Powering it all up with what I have now would make me alllllllmost a UFM whale. I want to be able to use that to help all the projects, in addition to my first aid kit!
Thank you for the promotion and feature! :)

Also, let's celebrate with a !BEER

@upfundme can I have some airdrop so I can curate, thank you : d and congrats to your new site :D


The first airdrop is closed but maybe members of the community will upvote this comment giving you some UFM to curate with.

We will match this vote value in a few days and after payout you can power up and curate content.

Fantastic news! upfundme is going to be huge. I will personally be supporting projects here.

I made an account just for UpFundMe, hope I can help out.

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Hey @upfundme, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@beerlover/let-s-grow-and-update-the-beer-token-huge-crowndfunding-as-crowdsale)

Hi, @upfundme!

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it Looks ....
The blog does not seem to have a category limit

Excluded tags will only effect posts made after the settings were applied, so we won't see any new posts in those tags anymore.

But no, we are not a pure crowdfunding tribe, steem already has pure crowdfunding on a beautiful front end. We made the decision to do "social crowdfunding", a social layer over top of a crowdfunding core. Crowdfunds, projects and charity posts will receive higher upvotes than most posting in general content.

As more projects and crowdfunds come in they will find their way to trending or near the top of promoted, and the general posting users will then have more UFM power available from posting that they can support these projects.

Can I also get matching vote power to curate with? I guess I missed airdrop too.

We are considering that comment as a charity post, if you look through his posts and read some you may understand why we made that decision.

Charity posts will work in the same fashion, the community will have their opportunity to decide if they want to support a charity case and we will (attempt to) match it.

This allows the community a chance to judge each case and decide if it warrants funding. Waiting until they have done so also gives everyone (except us) better curation rewards.

Aight, Thanks for the info

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Just sent you 100 steem for your "UFM Whale Token Sale."

Much appreciated @TaskManager.
I am hoping for great things with your platform.

Reading the comments, I see there was an airdrop.
Is it too late for an investor like myself to receive it?

You missed the first one, but there will be a second based on your UFM Power soon.

How were people notified?

I noticed that you haven't created a discord server for the general public as of yet.

Which is totally your prerogative of course.

(BTW, To private message me, you can contact me here . . .
Lotto Token #0056)

It was given out as rewards for resteeming posts in the past, it wasn't a traditional airdrop.

ahhhh . . . very interesting.
To each their own.

Thanks for the reply!

Excellent, I think UFM will be a good tribe, I hope you are successful.