We discovered sending liquid UFM was doing more harm than good at this point, staked UFM allows miners to still earn rewards without harming the UFM economy before it gets fully launched. Once staking is turned on for miners, they will earn normal liquid UFM rewards again.

I understand that liquid rewards may slow down the process of your own token pre-sale but staked tokens ain't earning anything at the moment and making them sit idle looks like giving some punishment. Either you should make them liquid or find some way to provide additional rewards to the staked tokens at this stage. That's how I view things from my perspective.

Actually, earlier tonight we setup Proof of Brain rewards for posting in #upfundme, it just hasn't been announced yet because we may need to change some settings after initial trial runs. We intend to burn our rewards during this trial but those voting with their staked UFM will earn 50% as curation.

Congrats, great news! Lemme buy some more miners right away.