UPLAND - The property trading game that’s smashing the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds

UPLAND - The property trading game that’s smashing the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds

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BUY. SELL. TRADE. Keep properties FOREVER. They are truly yours because UPLAND is powered by the EOS BLOCKCHAIN!

I am sure some of you remember Crypto Kitties, well Upland is kinda a similar deal, but instead of owning your very own digital blockchain cat, you own a virtual property that is based on an actual property in the real world.

So far you can only buy, sell, and trade in San Fransisco, but plans to expand are under way.

The really have put a lot into making this blockchain based game, friendly to them who do not know much about the blockchain. This is a good step in the mass adoption direction. You can use fiat and crypto to buy into the game.

Perhaps this game takes off! If it does, i think it might be good to own a handful of properties and early!

Enjoy and great luck!

Play UPLAND Here

Ofcourse everyone should do there own research on Upland. This is not advice. I just checked out the game and I like it. if Anyone knows anything about this game that I should know, please let me know in the comments!

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