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Would you join me in discovering @eveuncovered on Steem because I love reading her posts and I think you might have the same experience?

You can find her at and see my favorites of what she has shared so far in this post! Eve will receive all the SBD author rewards from this post!

Eve has been on Steemit since May 2017, which is the same month I've joined. Here are some of the recent posts she's made. She's made hundreds of posts and responded to thousands of comments.

What I love about her posts is that she has more posting freedom than she would have on Facebook or Instagram, which she has expressed frustration within some of her posts. She can post pictures completely in the nude if she wants to, which she has done, and she can post pictures partially nude if she wants to without being worried about getting banned from the website.

In fact, what's so amazing about Steemit, is that it is a censorship-resistant platform. This is designed to resist all forms of censorship and that's what makes it amazing.

These posts of Eve's that are tagged "nsfw" are generally ones where she is showing more than is acceptable on say Facebook or Instagram, and that's what I love about this is there's so much more freedom of expression.

Not just that, but you'll notice these little dollar amounts. You might think if you are brand new to Steem, "What are these?"

This is how much money she earned on the post. I think she is one of the very first in social media on Steemit who is willing to share more of herself than just a bathing suit picture and earning money for it. I think she's one of the first in what will become a huge part of posting on Steemit as more of us, men and women, young and old, continue to discover this.

I think that Eve is showing an awesome trend in social media that we want to be able to share all of ourselves. That's what she has said in her post. She wants to be able to share all of herself and not just the cleaned up, tidied up, made up and covered up version. That's as her name says, @eveuncovered

Now, this is her introductory post: I got caught in Steemit…,” which reminds me of this Tupac song: "U Can Call"

There's my Tupac for today.

Here's her first post that says, "I got caught in Steemit…"

What I love about Eve is that she is creative, she's fun and she's playful. She shares all of herself with us, which I don't feel like it's possible on the world's leading social media networks right now.

I feel like I cannot share all of myself on Facebook and in fact, if I share certain parts of myself I will get instantly banned. On Steemit I can share everything and Eve inspired me to put up a picture in my boxers, which lost me a few followers, but that's fine.

"Enough about you Jerry!"

You can see her first pictures on Steemit, which is fun: I got caught in Steemit… She's made it like she's got in trouble on Steemit similar to like a police line-up and it's great because she's actually verified herself and her name.

One of the challenges on Steemit is imposters acting as if they are someone else and she's done a great job of posting pictures of herself, with her name and her Steemit with the date so that you can verify that this is actually her. She gives an idea in her first post that she will be coming uncovered throughout her future posts.

Here's her second post: Why I'm giving up with other social media websites and sticking with Steemit.

I love this post because Eve goes into some of the exact reasons that I think this is awesome, and she's here, and the fact that she's here more and more people continue to be attracted to Steemit for the same reasons.

She warns, “Images after the first one are not safe for work.”

She says that she's made it clear that she loves social media and she started from IRC Gallery,, and then Facebook and Instagram.

Now, she's been frustrated with Facebook and Instagram because of the ads.

“No, Instagram, I do not need an ovulation test, plus-size clothes or detox tea.”

I feel the exact same way. I generally do not use websites where I have to see ads anymore at all.

"God! This is about you again Jerry. Thought you were going to talk about Eve!"

“The fact that I'm a woman in my 20s does not mean I'm trying to get pregnant. Stop suggesting things like pregnancy tests, diapers or baby clothes.”

On Steem there are no ads!

Now, think about that for a minute.

There are no ads and you can make money.

On her second post, she made $58 here.

“My skinny ass does not need detox tea.”

I enjoy the sassy tone in Eve's posts as well because it's fun.

It's fun to read this!

Then, she doesn't like the algorithms.

"So I've liked one picture of a hot fitness model and now you are showing me an endless amount of selfies in the gym and Sunday meal preps. I could not care less!"

Then she talks about hidden money in Instagram.

“There is a lot of money moving in Instagram but it's disguised.”

Yes, I agree, and that's what makes things suck for the average user, it’s disguised. You don't see where the money is moving, you don't see when a model on Instagram is getting paid $10,000 to promote a product. It's sneaky, and I personally don't like stuff that's sneaky because things that are disguised and hidden tend to be wrapped around in shame. They tend to screw all of us over and cause a lot of pain and suffering.

On Steem the money's right out in the open. You can go look right now and see exactly how much money Eve has made on every single one of her posts. There's no guessing, there's no disguised little games, it's all out there in the open.

I think it's extremely unfair, difficult and challenging when you're using these websites and you get a lot of followers. I've got millions of followers online and I get all these offers all the time.

"Jerry, will you do this? Jerry, will you do that?"

The money is all sneaky in it.

"Here. Will you try our product and then…?"

I get Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) offers.

"Hey, look! Now, promote our ICO and we'll give you a hundred thousand of the coin after the ICO sale's over."

Then the problem is that there's a lot of little dealings like that, and I don't mess around with those because I don't like fooling around with that disguised money.

I don't like that!

"I'm definitely not against companies marketing via social media influencers, but I hate that it is often done in such a tacky and fake way."

Yes, as what most people, many people, a few people or someone, would call an influencer, I can tell you that's exactly how it is.

It's done in a tacky and fake way and I don't like it either, that's why I love Steem.

Eve's second post is a very good post with a powerful message.

Now, I love that she then provided feedback after her first few months: What needs to happen in order for Steemit to go viral.

I have the same goal as Eve. I would like for this to be a household name like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are.


Is it because I have about a hundred thousand dollars invested in Steem?

Well, of course.

That's a part of it and you can go look at my wallet whenever you want. I invested in Steem because this is a better deal for all of us. When we put all of our pictures and our stories up on these websites, that then allow advertisers to spam us with ads we don't care about, they make all the money while we do all the work that's valuable.

Steemit is a better deal for all of us and that's why I care about it.

I care about it for the guy in Nigeria who's trying to make a living online and who has valuable things to say, and who might struggle to make a dollar posting it on a Wordpress blog or on social media, but who has the chance to make a hundred dollars on a really good post, who has the chance to earn five or ten dollars on every single post, one to five times a day.

I care about the mother in the Philippines who wants to make a little bit of a return on the time she's spending all day on Facebook as she's raising her children, and while they're taking naps she's helping people on Facebook. She's posting, she's adding value to Facebook, but Facebook's giving her nothing in terms of money in return. Meanwhile, Facebook is a half-trillion dollar or so company.

Eve points out exactly what's awesome for this.

I want this to be a household name because this is better for everyone. It's transparency, it's honesty and it's a chance for all of us to just share with each other and earn some money on it.

Now, there are a lot of problems though on Steem.

It's ugly right now. It's really ugly!

My wife @laurabanfield had the same first impression. Now, I don't care much about user design as long as it's functional. It doesn't bother me how ugly it is. It works, but yes, it is ugly.

Nobody knows about Steemit.

Well, I'm doing my best to change that.

I will show you at the end of this how I'm actually getting funded for ads. I've spent nearly $10,000 on ads that have reached millions of people. We are working on this point in particular.

Yes, right now you cannot adjust the thumbnail image and this is a huge pet peeve for me as well. You have to use the first image.

The feed is a disaster and you get annoying notifications.

Yes, I agree that the searching is a pain. It doesn't hardly work.

I agree here too, you need these sister sites integrated better.

"I like Steemit, but not yet enough to confess my eternal love and devotion," as Eve says.

Fortunately, Steemit is addressing the majority of these points: a new beautiful mobile app is coming, a new beautiful user interface is coming, and all the points that she's made should be addressed.

I love that she took the time to share this. She got $86, and the upvoters got $19, to post some recommendations on how to make Steem better and that's what's awesome.

Can you picture making some recommendations on another social media website to improve and getting a dollar for that?


Here's another post of Eve's I've loved and enjoyed.

It's called, Reality Check1: The Most Naked I Have Ever Been."

"As my nickname @eveuncovered suggests I’m here to bare everything.”

Where else can we do that on social media and actually turn it directly into money?

I think this is just a miracle that Eve's demonstrating. Now, what's interesting, her idea is to show herself without putting on any filters or any makeup. What comes for her is her naked face without putting anything on it.

I like that she talks about what she struggled with because when each of us talks openly and feels safe to share what we've struggled with, we've got a chance to come together.

I'm sure a whole lot of people in the world can identify with struggling with skin because I've struggled with that too. I had acne when I was a teenager and I've had lots of struggles with my skin as well.

She earned $75 on this post and it's a post that takes courage to make, that she's working with one of her most challenging barriers to sharing.

"This is the real me. No makeup. No hairstyling. No props. No retouching on Photoshop. You can see everything. Pimples, pores, freckles (which I love!), oiliness, scars, tiny lashes, everything. You can see all my insecurities."

That's what I love because you can sure see mine as well and I share it. I identify with this.

Now, she's done lots of unfiltered self-portraits. I like that she shares exactly which camera she uses because I'm pretty geeky in terms of the filming and video production. I like to know what equipment others are using that comes out to produce a good end result.

I like that she says, "And by 'unfiltered' I mean I took 300+ pictures, narrowed them down to 11, adjusted the contrast to make all the pictures match each other in the ever changing natural light, and did some spot correction."

Again, I love the open sharing.

What I see is that Steem is the divine miracle for us where we can just share ourselves openly, where we can make a little bit of money off that each, and then we've got a place where it's safe to just be ourselves.

Another post I enjoyed is where she shows us how she takes her self-portraits. If you want to essentially learn how to do this yourself she's got a video here and she shows you how she arranges things.

"First I move around some furniture to get the background I want, and because of that, my apartment is always an absolute mess, though a creative one."

That's kind of fun!

Then she shows you the camera and the different tools of the trade like the lenses.

This is awesome because this gives all of us the ability to see, "Okay. I can do the same thing she's doing. This is how she does it and here's how I can do it."

When you combine all this together it's just awesome.

I like this post where she asked, "Am I Making an Impact."

She is reaching out, sharing some of her favorite photographs of herself here and asking, "This is me. This is what I like to do plain and simple. Do I need to write an article to go with them or is there just value in the photos?"

I can say that she's made a big impact on me because she showed me that Steem has something that's 10 times better than other social media and blogging websites, that it's easier here to show up and to make an impact.

Eve's been able to just show up here, contribute and make an impact without going through a bunch of, as she mentioned before, fake BS essentially to turn that into money.

So, yes, Eve, you are definitely making a big impact.

I like that she also doesn't just post photos on the same thing all the time. I like to read a well-rounded author and I like to see normal stuff like food. She has been craving sushi and she says that she's not vegan, but most of her meals are plant-based.

Most of my meals are plant-based as well and I am vegan, I would say. Occasionally, I compromise a little bit and have some animal products, but I am pretty strictly vegetarian at least.

In her post “Making Vegan Sushi” she's had some fun and got a nice recipe here. It shows how she was using it, preparing it in the kitchen, shows you the final product and she has a little fun showing a picture of herself in the kitchen making it too.


I love the element of fun so much that I've made this into a very long post, which was originally like a 30-minute video, to share a few of @eveuncovered's posts with you.

This is another great post: "Would you mind answering a couple of questions?"

This is fun, she dresses up and does a whole role-playing adventure here posting as, I guess, an old-school detective here. She has a complete outfit for this, and then she has some questions here that then she interacts within the comments.

"Who is your celebrity crush?"

"What did you do last night at 10:00 P.M?"

I took a shower. Last hug was with my wife.

"What is your biggest pet peeve?"

That's a good question. I'm not sure. It changes from day to day.

"When were you last disappointed in yourself, and why?"

When I had to pause this video to go cough because of whatever is going on.

"Do you pee in the shower?"

Not lately, but it's happened a lot of times long ago.

"What will you remember from this day?"

It depends on how long you ask.

In a day? A few things.

In 10 years? Probably nothing.

There we go.

I love this, it’s just a lot of fun. I mean, the quotes.

This is just hilarious. Isn't this cool?

She can take some pictures, she has some fun with us and that translates into enough at least to make this a hobby, and that's great. I love this.

This is one of the funniest posts that made me laugh 26 days ago: "Neon baby"

It’s when I realized I needed to add her to auto-voter because I would check her posts a week or two after she made them and you've only got a week.

This is funny because she's like in this club kind of look here at least, and then there's like a mannequin, a crash dummy or something here. That made me laugh, and then she put which camera she used too, which I enjoyed that.

The comments are equally as interesting on all of Eve's posts as well.

Then I like this post. This is a beautiful photography on this post. You can see this "City of Lights Festival" she went to. Just beautiful photos here, so colorful and I like even one of her shoes in here. I enjoyed seeing these right the day or so it came out.

Another update again, "Little life update from the road," so many well-rounded posts on all kinds of different topics. She doesn't just share about one thing or do her posts the same way, she shares the inside of her life.

She shares what she's doing, her adventures and posted it straight from her iPhone. She was able to make this directly from her iPhone, which is great. I think she just put it straight through, which is awesome.

That is my post introducing @eveuncovered. This is my Upvotable #40. I'm doing this in a video first, and then I'm making this as a post on my Steemit blog.

If you'd like to follow @eveuncovered, would you please go straight to her blog on Steemit:

She will be receiving half of the pay-out because this whole post has been about her except for the half of it that I diverted to talk about myself.

I show on my blog the authors that I love and enjoy following the most. I have a few more planned after this. I love Steem because this is the first place in six years of having a business online that I can just show up and also contribute.

There are over 400,000 users on Steem. If you would like to learn more about Steem I have a lot of posts on it and Eve has some posts about her experience on Steem too. She may make some more of those going forward as well.

Now, one important thing I need to mention for this and advertising, I am very grateful that I am actually receiving money from the Steem blockchain as a witness and this is paying for ads for Steem. Now, this is just amazing that a hundred percent minus the hosting cost, so 100% of my witness earnings, I am putting towards ads for Steem.

As you can see I have a spreadsheet here where I have received over $7,000 to advertise Steem and that's adding up the totals from various posts I've made to crowdfund these ads, and then from other methods like witness rewards.

Now, every day I get some witness rewards and that allows me to then advertise this on Facebook, YouTube and on the Google Display Network. That is how incredible Steem is, that it's very easy to crowdfund some advertising through the Steem blockchain.

I have a budget posted that shows exactly how much money I've received and while it's always a little behind on various things, it's pretty accurate. I need to update, it's about a week out-of-date right now. I've got the Facebook and the Google AdWords bill on here as well, and then the difference. I've actually spent some more money on some of these campaigns than what was given. However, I trust that I will continue to receive more rewards every day as a witness and therefore, at some point, those might go faster than I even have the ads.

At any time this is available to you here:

This is how I've been able to produce the video, which was made into this blog post, and get it into ads, and then go promote another author at the same time.

Any website like Steemit that allows us this level of simple collaboration, this is gigantically powerful. Steemit is completely free to sign up. You can even sign up and earn all of the rewards Eve's earning. You do not have to buy any Steem and you do not have to invest. You sign up on Steem and you can just post. Now, the better your posts are, the more you share and build a community, the more you're likely to earn rewards.

If you just sign up and you don't talk to anyone, you just post one photo of yourself, then it may not go anywhere, but keep trying at it. Eva's made 1,428 posts including the comments she's responded to. You can see that she's had posts earning several hundred dollars and she's consistently earning at least twenty if not fifty or more on most of every single post she does.

She earned $38 in the first hour of her last post, $40 in the first 18 hours of the next post, almost $80 from this post two days ago, then $45 et cetera. You can see that there's a lot of opportunities for growth on Steem.

Eve is one of the very few who is essentially taking this approach right now, who is sharing all of herself on Steemit. I think as this keeps growing we're going to have a lot of people who are inspired to do the same. I try to share all of myself on Steemit too!

We're working our way up to sharing my fully nude pictures. We're working our way up to that right now. Eve's much well ahead of me in that department.

Thank you very much for discovering @eveuncovered here with me Jerry Banfield. If you'd like to continue following Eve, would you please discover @eveuncovered on Steemit?

Final words

Thank you very much for making it all the way to the end.

I love you.

You're awesome and I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


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Eve is a gem, and deserves every upvote she gets.

For every creative soul, however, there are many accounts like this one. I personally think that Steemit has a lot of potential.

But if we allow low-effort copy pasters and spambots to rule, the only thing it will be known for is being a failed experiment.

Eve creates original stuff, so do I. But those days are numbered if the higher-level users don't step in to help us thrive.

Absolutely agree with you @talltim. Eve is a very special young lady and every post she makes is absolutely delightful.

Glad to see her featured in such a special way here! Congratulations Eve 😃

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You are doing something wonderful here highlighting people who catch your attention..minnows no less. It is uplifting to know that you are taking the time to search around for quality content that you deem worthy of highlighting.

The fact that you are taking the time to direct others to their blogs to try to get them popular while sharing the proceeds from what you bring in on the post is terrific.

I can only applaud you.

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