Upvote Crowdfund - Game Streaming Computer (32.48% Funded)

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Crowdfund goal
$350 CAD
Amount paid: $113.68 CAD

An upvote crowdfund uses the power of steemit to raise funds for whatever your goal or project is. Anyone with a steemit account can support your goal with their upvote. Earned STEEM and SBD goes towards the funding goal.

Here are some specs for the computer


@taskmanager was nice enough to give me the computer before payment was received, so I've been able to test it out for it's intended purpose. I will be using this computer to stream primarily. I've done a few streams already, and although I definitely have a long way to go, I'm quite happy with how the first couple turned out.

Now I'm getting a great deal for this rig, so I only need to raise $350 CAD. I will be counting the value of the original Upfundme I did for the PSU as value towards my goal, so thanks to all who submitted an upvote!

My previous successful streams can be found here for TF2 and Vermintide 2

Previous Upfundme posts for this computer can be found HERE


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#upfundme, it's called an upfundme. You should fix this when you wake up there buddy

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Thank's for @bidnat for you amazing post
Hoping that steeminial will grow and win together we us.



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