My Upvote Is Now Worth 0.40 USD

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My upvote worth I think went up. I'm almost at a hundred percent voting power because I've been at work all day. Well my upvote worth is now up to 0.40. This is very good for me and I'm glad that I have that much so far. My short term goal is to get up to 0.50 voting worth and then my long term goal is to get to 1 dollar upvote worth.

I'm not going to withdraw anything until I reach that goal. I have been constantly building up my steem power and my delegated steem power. So I'm hoping to reach 0.50 in the next week or two. We shall see how close I get by that time.


Wow that's great, I hope you reach your goal soon.

hi @duckmast3r,
wow is very good you achieve this and i ask you for any tips i could work towards the same?

Also i looked at your wallet and there is a lot in brackets, how does this work?

It worked some backroom deal to get STEEM Power donated to him. ;)

oh, so where do i sign :P

Great. You could always verify that amount by up voting my comment. LOL

lol I actually laughed after reading your comment. :)

I try to be the Steemit comedian. I leave at least 20 to 30 jokes a day on peoples posts. It shows that I read their blog plus I like to see just how many get my jokes. Thanks for the reply!

@jetblake, our Steemidian.

I love it. I am going to use that. That is Brilliant!

Great! i am following your grow and trying to apply your methods like your posting frequency, post size, most of them are short but concise, and that is an important point because sometimes a large one is not the best and the time invested is just that, time with not retribution.


Thats pretty amazing. You are kind of being an inspiration to me. I have joined steemit 2 days back and i am kind of in love with it. My upvote is worth 0.01 and my goal is to make it 0.10 within a month. If you think its possible upvote this comment.

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